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Standard chemotherapy is very toxic to the body. Because of this, an alternative lower dose chemotherapy is often tried first. It can often be done in the comfort of a person’s home, and sometimes, they can even continue to go to work while taking it. Low dose chemo works a little different than standard chemo. Instead of killing off the high number of cancer cells, it goes after any blood vessels that are feeding the cancerous part of the body. It isn’t without side effects though, so alternative therapies are often used in conjunction with it as a way to lessen them.

Dangerous Alternatives

Three of the alternative therapies frequently used with chemotherapy are PRP injections, chelation therapy, and glutathione. Because of the potential side effects that some of these have, they shouldn’t be used by anyone without the recommendation of a doctor. Platelet rich plasma PRP injections are the most dangerous of all of them. While some people say it is safe to take by anyone, this isn’t true. There have been cases of deaths occurring because people went in to septic shock due to blood infections they got from getting the procedure done as a supposed “beauty treatment”. It is meant only for cancer patients, so anyone else trying it can get very sick. The side effects of chelation therapy are not as bad as PRP injections, but they are still a cause for concern because some patients have reported some of the following side effects:

Safer Option

Glutathione is the safest of all of the treatments because it is a substance that humans already have in our bodies. Research has shown that people low in it have a higher chance of getting cancer. By supplementing the body with an extra amount of it, cancer can be fought off more easily, and that is only one of the benefits of glutathione. It also helps support the function of the kidney’s, liver, and digestive system, and stimulates the fighting abilities of the immune system. Patients undergoing low dose chemo can take glutathione before hand to reduce the unpleasant side effects from it. Glutathione is often injected because it is usually destroyed in the digestive tract if it is taken orally. But, by also taking bilberry extract along with glutathione, it can get in to a person’s blood stream more easily.

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