Sunday, September 20, 2020

Chemotherapy has for long been used to kill cancer cells. What happens in this situation is that they are ingested in low dose often because of the fact that high dose chemotherapy can cause a high risk of side effects. Some of these side effects could be fatal if they are not taken care of early enough. In situations such as insulin potentiated therapy, we realize that the drugs used are integrated into two that is insulin and chemotherapy. Because of these integrations chemotherapy drugs are used in smaller portions than should be to allow for a convenient ratio with insulin.

What are other related therapies?

Ozone therapies and stem cells knee therapies are the first two therapies that have a great relation. The former employs the use of ozone gases to remedy health conditions. It takes advantage of health problem whose causal agents do not survive in their presence. They are often used to remedy situations like dental cavities by preventing their increasing.
The later involves the transplant to fine marrows. What happens in these situations is that bone marrows that are sickly or dead are removed from the sick individual and then replaced with new bone marrow cells that are still very healthy. The bone marrows being transplanted could be removed from a wholly different person or from the same person but different locations of the body.
Platelet rich plasma prp is another therapy that is encompassed in his situation. What happens, in this case, is that is that blood is drawn from the patient and then enriched with platelets and finally injected back to the injured area. This is normally applied to sports men and women. The following is a simple procedure followed:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient
  • Through centrifugation it is enriched with platelets
  • The sample is injected back to the injury


It is good to recognize that all these therapies are quite functional especially when used to remedy the health condition they are meant for. The problem however has always been the issue of quality. Just what is the quality of the doctor who is handling your situation? That is the one question that should hit your mind when you consider being subjected to one of these methods. The main reason why this consideration is very important is due to the fact that when poorly handled they predispose side effects.

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