Thursday, October 1, 2020

Low dose chemotherapy is known as Insulin Potentiated Therapy to help treat patients with cancer or other degenerative diseases. Unlike regular chemotherapy IPT Therapy offers a host of benefits to patients that choose this route. Fewer side effects are because of the lower amount of chemotherapy by mixing with insulin which increases the effectiveness of the chemo.

This therapy is used in cancer patients is done by directly treating the location of cancer cells this in turn helps lower the amount required to kill the cancer cells off. Mix the fact that the lower amount of chemo agent required, because of the mix with insulin, means not only less chemo agent overall used there may also be fewer overall treatments required to kill off the entire cancer.

The Many Positives

The positives for this type of treatment span many different areas. The way cancer is generally treated can cause many problems for the person going through the treatment. Many of the side effects of traditional cancer treatment are experienced by the majority of people in varying degrees while this alternative therapy offers limited side effects, and avoids some side effects altogether.

The increased stress a body goes under during cancer treatments can run a person down leaving them weak and tired outside of the other side effects. Because of the damaging effects of most cancer treatments, people will find that this treatment offers a more gentle approach help to alleviate that extra strain to a person’s body. The many benefits include:

• A gentler approach to fight cancer.
• Less likely to have hair loss.
• Lower chance of liver damage.
• Effective against many types of cancer.

Quick Overview of Treatment

The first part a person will be required to do is fast the night before. This is done with many procedures in medicine, and in this case is used to help clear out glucose from the blood.

After arriving for an appointment a person is taken to a room where they will have an IV placed to give insulin, this usually only takes 20 to 40 minutes. This will help drop the blood sugar level to proper levels before the treatment begins. After glucose levels drop to 40 to 60 mg/dl patients will have the chemotherapy agent added. Swiftly after the agent is added glucose will be added to the IV to return blood sugar levels back to normal levels.

Patients are usually done with an appointment within 1.5 to 2 hours.

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