Sunday, September 20, 2020

Chemotherapy and radiation are two of the most common cancer treatments used in America today, although each is met with their own controversies and pitfalls. Anyone battling cancer, whether that is breast cancer, lung cancer or another of the hundreds of types, wants to beat the disease, regain their strength, and live a fulfilling life for many years to come. This is definitely a possibility, and many natural cancer treatments are out there to help. These treatments are alternatives to chemotherapy or radiation, and are deemed generally safe for most men and women. Let’s take a look at some of the top natural cancer treatment options available.

Chinese Medicine for Cancer Treatment

  • Moxibustion is one of the most popular natural cancer treatments around. This procedure applies heat to the acupuncture points. Dried mugwort is burned and shaped and used directly with acupuncture needles. This treatment has long been used in Chinese medicine, and many support the theories that it is highly beneficial in minimizing some of the horrible side effects of cancer, including nausea and vomiting.
  • Milk thistle is another top natural cancer treatments. It has been used for more than 2,000 years for treatment of many illnesses. Scientific evidence is in place supporting the use of this plant for cancer treatment. Studies show that milk thistle wards off some cancerous cells, reduces Cytotoxic activity, and aids in liver tissue regeneration. Milk Thistle side effects should be discussed before using this cancer treatment.
  • Neurofeedback therapy ADHD showed effective results for treatment of this common childhood ailment, but is also another natural treatment option for cancer. This treatment reduces some of the common neurological ailments associated with the disease.

Final Thoughts

Natural cancer treatments, such as those listed above, provide a patient with a higher quality of living, treatment without added sickness, and a slew of other exciting benefits. If you, or someone that you love, is battling cancer, it is a worthwhile experience to learn more about these wonderful natural cancer treatments as well as the many others that are available . They could have a major impact on your well-being and could greatly change the way that you treat this disease!

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