Thursday, October 22, 2020

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During menopause, some women are give medications that replace the antiresorptive process in non menopausal women. The antiresorptive process helps to make new bone in women. These medications given to menopausal women to take the place of the antiresorptive process in non menopausal women are estrogen, calcitonin, denosumab and bisphosphonates. In healthy bone, the body fills gaps caused by bone loss and the antiresorptive process slows down the reabsorption of the new fillings done to reestablish bones in the woman’s body. Natural medicine can help solve this for women.

The process is important to help menopausal women to maintain healthy bones and to prevent damage to the body from fragile bones that can break easily. The medications listed above affect bone health. They are used in the treatment of osteoporosis, a bone disease that causes holes and fragile bone matter in the skeletal system of women especially in menopausal women whose brain has begun the degenerative process that follows the cessation of menstruation and women’s child bearing physical needs.
At the Miami medical clinic, they explain that other drugs that affect women’s bone health are called the anabolic drugs. These drugs are hormone replacement drugs like teriparatide which is a parathyroid replacement hormone or a drug manufactured with the chemical composition of the natural hormones produced by the parathyroid gland.

This drug speeds up the body’s ability to make new bone. It is used in treating osteoporosis. The drug teriparatide is approved by the Federal Drug Administration to be used in women who are suffering from osteoporosis to help in making new bone.
The antiresorptive and the anabolic drugs affect bone health in positive ways. They help the body to make new bone and to stop the degenerative process begun during menopause that would attack the new bone and break it down. The loss of bone during menopause increases the aging process and is responsible for much of the physical injuries that menopausal women are subject to because of the changes made by the brain signaled by age and by the slowing down of hormones made by the body’s glandular system.

Other drugs that affect bone health are easily bought over the counter as calcium tablets. The use of natural medicine substitutes in vitamin and mineral supplements is best handled by professional health associates like those at the Miami medical clinic or the Dayton medical clinic who can prescribe the necessary supplements and foods to take the place of the drugs mentioned. A woman who is going through menopause and has to have replacement hormones and replacement compounds lost through the change of life situation is better off going to a medical clinic that practices natural medicine since the problem caused by menopause is also a natural process.

Medications prescribed by physicians for menopausal women can affect their bone health. However, not taking those natural medications or not finding natural supplements to replace the lost natural compounds will increase the degenerative process begun by menopause which includes a rapid degenerative loss of bone. A clinic that practices natural medical treatments can treat degenerative bone disorders caused by menopause successfully.

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