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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a behavior disorder, which at times affects the brain. Those affected by the condition suffer severe anxiety. It can involve both compulsions and obsessions that may take lots of time and change the way a person undertakes his or her daily activities. There is no definite cause of OCD though some factors have been suggested. The brain of an individual with OCD differs from the one of who does not have the condition. For instance, the person may have increased activity. This can be controlled using glutathione though one should first consider glutathione side effect. The condition affects women, men, and children. However, the symptoms mostly appear first during early adulthood.

Symptoms of OCD

The condition involves both obsessions and compulsions. However, it is possible to have either compulsion or obsession symptoms only. Obsessive symptoms include images of hurting yourself or another person, Fear of getting contaminated by shaking hands, Doubts that you have switched off the lights or locked the door, and Thoughts of acting inappropriately. Compulsive Symptoms include counting in a particular pattern, Silently repeating a word, phrase or prayer, Hand-washing until the skin turns pale, Checking the stove severally to ensure it is off, and Repeatedly checking doors to ensure they are locked. Symptoms tend to differ in severity throughout your life. They tend to worsen when one is stressed or having a rough time. While most adults will realize that their compulsions and obsessions do not make sense, most children do not understand what is going on.

Treatment of OCD

It is possible to cure the condition permanently or at least reduce the symptoms, enabling the individual to enjoy good life quality.
The primary OCD treatments are:

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors- this medication helps in reducing the symptoms by interfering with the balance of chemicals in your brain.
  • Cognitive behavior therapy– the therapy helps an individual to deal with fear and getting the obsessive thoughts.

One can also take advantage of vitamin c iv benefits. Vitamin c iv is an excellent way to get vitamins directly into the bloodstream. After taking the supplement, one is likely to notice increased energy, which is crucial for an individual with OCD.

When to see a doctor

Having OCD differs from being a perfectionist. If the compulsions and obsessions affect the quality of life, it is important to see a doctor. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical procedure that involves knee stem cell to treat various conditions such as arthritis and knee injuries.

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