Thursday, October 29, 2020

What is internal medicine?

Internal medicine is the medical specialty dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adult diseases. Physician’s specializing in internal medicine are called internist, they practice natural and modern medicine, seeking the best treatment quickly as they deal the most severely ill patients. Most of these physicians provide long-term, comprehensive care and manage both common and complex diseases, requiring on going education and research. An internal specialist can serve as a primary doctor or as an assistant to other specialists. It is no surprise that many stay involved with current research and then teaching new found practices to aspiring physicians. The practice of internal medicine does not involve surgery, or any invasive procedures, but involves the development of long term care and treatment management.

Why do I need an Internal Specialist instead of a General Physician?

If your Physician refers you to a specialist in internal medicine, than your medical issue may require a licensed doctor with a little more specialized training. A doctor of internal medicine is required to study adolescent medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine and other medicine to be able to help their patient with an unusual or complex abnormality or system dysfunction. It is a long process to establish theories, performing tests, and developing a specialized treatment plan. In some cases it is a matter of life and death, increasing the pressure to achieve stable bodily functions. Some specialties of an internal medicine specialists are:

In today’s complex society and medical field, internists, realize from the first office visit that they assume the responsibility of caring for their patients til health is increased. That may involve:

  • numerous office visits
  • hospitalizations
  • rehabilitation
  • care in a nursing home or assisted living facility

When choosing the specialist that is right for you make sure you educate yourself on not only the Physicians credentials and reputation but also on how eager he/she is in addressing your medical issue individually, devotes the necessary time to research all alternative treatment possibilities, and consults others who may help in the process. You should also be provided with the resources to educate yourself and develop a treatment plan that is achievable.

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