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Cupping therapy is a type of an alternative medicine performed in an alternative medical center. The process involves the use of cups that are placed on the skin surface thereby creating suction. These cups are made from a number of materials that include bamboo, glass or earthenware. The proponents of the cupping therapy usually believe that the suction from the cups activates blood flow. This promotes the healing process of a wide range of medical conditions and ailments. This therapy dates back to the ancient Chinese, Middle Eastern and Egyptian cultures. Ebers Papyrus, which is among the world’s most ancient textbooks on medicine, depicts the way early Egyptians applied the cupping therapy back in 1550 BC.

Benefits of the Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is said to have the ability to treat several conditions. Although this has not been backed by studies, there are several divergent views about the cupping therapy effects. Chinese researchers, after reviewing 135 studies on this therapy from 1992 to 2010 suggested that it is effective. They came to a conclusion that cupping therapy can indeed be effective if it is combined with other form of treatments like medications or acupuncture Miami. Most of the supporters of this therapy believe that it is capable of reducing inflammation and pain on the body. Some claim that it also promotes physical and mental relaxation and their well being. The treatable conditions using the cupping therapy include;

  • Blood disorders like hemophilia and anemia
  • Gynecological disorders and fertility
  • Rheumatic diseases like fibromyalgia and arthritis
  • Bronchial congestion caused by asthma or allergies
  • Skin problems like acne and eczema

How is Cupping Therapy done?

There are a number of types of cupping therapy namely the dry cupping and wet cupping. Dry cupping involves the suction only whereas wet cupping combines suction and medicinal bleeding that is controlled. When you visit a center for holistic medicine to get this cupping therapy, there is a process the experts there will use. They normally use a flammable substance like paper, herbs and alcohol which is placed inside a cup and then set on fire. When the fire is almost dead, the cup will be placed on your skin in an upside down position.

The air present in the cup will cool down thereby creating a vacuum. You will notice your skin rising and also turn red due to the expansion of the blood vessels. The cup will be left there for about 5 -10 minutes. An ointment and bandage is then applied to avoid infections and the skin returns to normal after 10 days.

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