Wednesday, September 23, 2020

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hypertension Disorder), among the most common behavior disorders in children can last into adulthood. People with this neurological behavior can be easily distracted, unable to pay attention to what someone is saying, and display hyperactive and impulsive types of behavior that aren’t age appropriate. Parents tend to use prescription drugs such as Ritalin to control anxiety in their children. As the children get older, they learn coping mechanisms for ADHD. Before anyone can learn coping mechanisms and about neurofeedback anxiety, they need to accept that ADHD is just the different way their brain is wired. The history of ADHD is more than a century old. It was first diagnosed in 1902 by Sir George Still who was a British pediatrician. He described ADHD as “an abnormal defect of moral control in children.”According to Still, children with ADHD were smart kids but couldn’t control their erratic behavior.

Medical Advancements For ADHD

By 1936, pediatricians started prescribing medicine for ADHD symptoms to curb a child’s abnormal behavior. From 1902 to the present day, many advances were made in ADHD.

  • 1936-Benzedrine discovered by Dr. Charles Bradley
  • 1952-“Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”
  • 1955- Ritalin
  • 1980-hyperkinetic impulse disorder is called ADD
  • 1987-ADD is called ADHD

By the 1990s, many more people were diagnosed with ADHD. It has also been found that stimulants help a child become more focused. In adults, stimulants can make it hard to fall asleep,cause loss of appetite, and mood swings. In the more than 100 years since its discovery, ADHD has been found more likely in boys at around the age 7 than girls. It’s also possible that adults can suffer from ADHD.

The Second Century

Prior to Sir George Still’s medical discovery, signs of attention problems have been noticed throughout history. As early as 1775, Melchior Adam Weikard, a prominent German physician, said a person with attention problems won’t notice anything going on in the world and makes false judgements. Attention problems were attributed to minimal”brain damage” and other brain disorders. As more is known about this disorder, those with ADHD are learning how to handle it by using neurofeedback therapy for adhd and other coping skills. People with ADHD, can lead a fulfilling life. Many noted entertainers,athletes, and politicians have learned to handle ADHD.

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