Monday, September 21, 2020

Staying healthy is a different journey for all of us. As natural medicine is on the rise, many people are option for that these days. Alternative and naturopathic medicine includes many alternative ways to heal yourself and prevent illness. From ancient herbal medicine to yoga to acupuncture. Any local center of integrative medicine will tell you that alternative medicine is the preference of patients these days. It comes as no surprise to medical doctors, as alternative medicine is focused on staying healthy and preventing disease. Living a healthy life is actually easier than you would think, and begins with the will to live a healthier life.

Surprising Health Tips

Change your pillowcases often, as they collect oil from your face and hair, and dust. Washing them every other day is the trick. Also, invest in cotton or other natural material. Another tip is not to mix citrus fruits or juices with certain medications. It can be dangerous to your health even in small doses. The next best tip is to eat snacks that are full of natural energy. Pack up zip-lock bags of your favorite dried fruits and nuts, and pre-portion the bags. It’s more healthy and energizing than fast food. If you are an active yogi, wipe your yoga mat down with disinfectant and let it dry before storing it in an open area.

A few other helpful tips:

  • Eat less rice. Rice has been found to contain small amounts of arsenic. Try quinoa, or barley instead.
  • Work on posture. Working at a desktop for hours at a time, on your laptop or computer, can cause posture problems in your neck. Same with tablets.
  • Be careful with contacts. Your contact lenses should be taken out before you take a shower, swim, or sleep. Otherwise, the water could cause infections and even lead to vision loss.

Surprising Ways to Prevent and Treat a Cold

Echinacea has been known to raise the white blood cell count and stimulate the immune system. It’s best to use before you get sick, in a small, recommended dose. But it’s best not to overuse it. Elderberry is another great option. Alternative herbs such as grape seed extract, oregano oil, or colloidal silver herbs superpower your immune system. If you are looking to treat a cold, try Four Thieves, a combination of cloves, sage, ginger, and rosemary. This can cut through cold and flu symptoms. Osha is the next best option, which helps with respiratory problems.

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