Thursday, October 1, 2020

At healthy levels, cholesterol is very beneficial too your body. However, when cholesterol rises above the healthy levels, it may put you at risk of a heart attack or other heart diseases. For this reason you will g=have to find ways to decrease your cholesterol level.

One of the most natural ways of lowering the cholesterol levels involves making lifestyle changes. You may decide to change your unhealthy eating habits to a more healthy diet. Also, you may find various forms of exercises to be helpful in this matter. Additionally, you should quit unhealthy behavior, such as, smoking.
However, lowering of cholesterol level is not only limited to lifestyle changes. You may choose to seek holistic treatment.

Holistic Treatments for Lowering Cholesterol

There is a wide range of holistic treatments and therapies to choose from to achieve a suppressed cholesterol level. Some of these are;

  • Glutathione therapy – Glutathione therapy is one of the holistic medicine used to lower cholesterol levels. During the therapy, an enzyme known as glutathione peroxidase is administered. This helps raise the level of glutathione in your body cells. High glutathione levels help to lower cholesterol levels in the body by raising the level of cholesterol hydroxylase enzyme. Glutathione side effects are minimum.
  • Cell Replacement therapies – Cell replacement therapies, such as platelets rich plasma, may also be effective in lowering cholesterol levels. This therapies provide the body with maximally regenerative cells with the ability to produce the required amounts of cholesterol hydroxylase to lower cholesterol.
  • Nutritional therapies – Myers cocktail has been one of the most successful nutritional therapies in lowering cholesterol levels. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with myers cocktail side effects before choosing it as the suitable solution.


There are many factors influencing the level of your total cholesterol. High cholesterol does not necessarily mean that you are at risk of heart diseases. Sometimes it may be caused by an injury which involves blood loss. However, it is important that you take regular medical check-ups to measure your cholesterol level and risk associated with it.
It is important to note that unhealthy cholesterol levels are totally avoidable through living a healthy lifestyle. However, if you find yourself already with high cholesterol level, you can seek any conventional or holistic medicine as advised by your physician.

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