Saturday, September 26, 2020

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There are plenty of natural and alternative treatments and therapies for many illnesses, including lowering cholesterol. Find an alternative medical center near you, who can explain what is traditional Chinese medicine as one of your treatment options for high cholesterol. Natural medical centers offer a range of treatment for illnesses, diseases and prevention, including cupping therapy and acupuncture moxibustion. Be sure to talk to your doctor to decide if natural cholesterol treatment is the right choice for you. Many natural remedies and treatments cannot be proven scientifically, but have been documented to help improve cholesterol. Also, some supplements could negate or alter medication you are already taking, so be sure to ask your doctor.

About Cholesterol

Cholesterol is key for a proper and healthy functioning body. Thus, it’s critical that cholesterol remains within a healthy range. Your doctor can tell you the latest information on cholesterol range and how to treat high cholesterol. A high cholesterol can be significantly lowered with certain therapy or natural remedies, if you prefer natural medicine. It’s worth noting that cholesterol medication usually take a long period of time to work – as it’s a gradual process. Once you have reached a lower level of cholesterol, your doctor may wish to continue therapy so you can maintain your cholesterol levels. Lowering cholesterol involves making a lifestyle change.


High cholesterol can have dangerous effects that might include:

  • High liver enzymes
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Decreased circulation
  • Clogged arteries

Lowering Cholesterol With Diet

Dietary fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, soy foods, and plant compounds that are quite similar to cholesterol, can reduce bad cholesterol. Fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, unrefined grains, legumes and so on. Soluble fiber which can be found in barley, flax seed meal, oat bran, citrus fruits, apples, beans, and lentils can be specifically helpful in lowering LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. Nuts can also reduce cholesterol. Whole grains as well as some fruits and veggies can help reduce cholesterol as well, as they contain “Phytosterols”. Phytosterols are used as a dietary supplement in many margarines and spreads, and other cholesterol friendly foods.

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