Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Hydrogen peroxide therapy is a newly accepted form of Integrative therapy and is steadily gaining recognition all over the states. Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable compound that decomposes to give out oxygen and water. Researchers hold the view that the oxidative property of our body cells can become compromised by some of the food we it or the type of medication prescribed to us. This leads to anaerobic respiration which results in accumulation of toxic wastes. To remedy this hydrogen peroxide is recommended. Some of the suggested methods of using hydrogen peroxide are drinking it, using it while brushing your teeth, soaking it in bath water or massaging it on the skin. It can also be injected straight to the blood through hydrogen peroxide intravenous therapy.

Benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy

This form of therapy has been around for a while now. Its earliest form of application was in the 1940s when it was first proposed that the unstable nature hydrogen peroxide made it suitable to treat conditions caused by inadequate oxygen in the cells because it decomposed to give out oxygen. Almost a century later and hydrogen peroxide therapy is still being recommended and researchers are still brainstorming to get even more applications for it. the main beneficial property of hydrogen peroxide is that it acts as an oxidant whereas treatments like the milk thistle seed do just the opposite making them ideal to keep each other in check if any contraindications arise. Some of the proposed uses of hydrogen peroxide therapy are:

  • alternative cancer treatment solution.
  • cuts and wounds disinfectant.
  • arthritis management.
  • management of sinuses infection.
  • treatment of foot fungus


Although the contraindications are not as many as other modern treatment regimens like the gerovital side effects, it would be unethical to preach on how good hydrogen peroxide therapy is without mentioning some of dangers that may present if not used correctly, especially since incorrect usage of hydrogen peroxide could lead to death. High dosages in the blood could result in oxygen bubbles in the blood vessels blocking blood flow and finally resulting in death. Excessive oxidation has also been noted to destroy blood cells. You are also advised to always use the recommended concentration of hydrogen peroxide because the unstable nature could react with your skin resulting in severe skin burns.

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