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Exploring the facts associated with ADD can be important especially if you have a family member or close friend who has been diagnosed with ADD. Attention Deficit Disorder has become increasingly popular over the past 30 years. Sometimes ADD suffers also exhibit signs of hyperactivity. However, the medications also effectively control hyperactivity in ADD sufferers.

The first step in the treatment of ADD is a firm diagnosis. A physician must evaluate the patient prior to confirming a diagnosis of ADD. ADD symptoms may include distractibility, depression, impulsiveness and irritability. ADD interferes with ones ability to focus properly on a task at hand. Many ADD sufferers have a difficult time holding a job or achieving good grades in school.


ADD Can be treated successfully by the use of stimulant drugs. Stimulant drugs actually have a calming affect on those with attention disorders. The medications allow the person to better focus and complete certain tasks. Stimulant medications used for ADD include:

  • Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine)
  • Ritalin (methylphenidate)
  • Adderall (amphetamine & dextroamphetamine)
  • Desoxyn (methamphetamine)

Other Therapies & Treatments

There is hope for those suffering from other ailments including asthma and muscle spasms. Myers Cocktail is a combination of Magnesium, Vitamin C and Calcium. The combination if Magnesium, Vitamin C and Calcium has dramatic effects in treating breathing problems as well as muscle injury. There appear to be very few side effects associated with the use of this Cocktail such as skin irritation.

Chelating Therapy is a chemical process in which EDTA is injected into the bloodstream in an attempt to remove metals or minerals from the body. Therapy of this kind was used frequently in treating serious cases of mercury poisoning. Side effects associated with the use of Chelating can be quite severe.

Insulin Potentiated Therapy is a process in which low dose chemotherapy using insulin is used in an attempt to fight certain cancers. Cancer is treated by using insulin in hopes of killing harmful cancer cells in humans. This therapy is not new and it is only used to treat certain kinds of cancer.

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