Friday, September 25, 2020

Digging deep into OCD may uncover some interesting facts about a disorder that has become fairly well known within this day and age. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is something that if not treated it can affect a person’s life in a very negative way.


At one time or another we all may have obsessive thought patterns. However, when those obsessive patterns are frequent and they begin to have negative consequences it may be time to seek medical attention. In most cases, OCD can be treated by taking medication as well as some kind of therapy.

There are a variety of symptoms that accompany “OCD” which include:

  • Compulsion to repeat a daily ritual.
  • Racing and Disruptive Thoughts.
  • Depression: Anxiety.
  • Mood Swings.
  • Loss of Interest in things that once brought pleasure.

High Doses of Vitamin C can have positive benefits over a period of time. WE have known for a long time that Vitamin C taken in large quantities can help prevent serious colds and other infection. Vitamin C is also very healthy for the skin. Many skin care products contain Vitamin C in combination with other chemical agents.

Vitamins and Other Treatment

Vitamin C may be taken as a supplement in pill form or Vitamin C can be taken intravenously. Receiving Vitamin C directly into the bloodstream is more effective than when taken in oral form.

Glutathione is a substance which is produced by the liver. Essentially Glutathione can be used to rebuild the immune system. Glutathione side effects may include low blood pressure, skin irritation, severe nausea and possible discoloration of the skin.

PRP stands for Plasma Rich Platelet. Essentially PRP is plasma that is enriched with platelets. This substance has been used to treat soft tissue wounds. PRP actually speeds up the healing process for soft tissue wounds. PRP is activated by thrombin and calcium chloride. This substance has also been effective in treating muscle injury and nerve injuries.

There are effective ways of treating various injuries. Injections of different compounds may give temporary relief for a variety of painful conditions. Vitamin C is still relied upon for a supplement as well as for its ability to fight the common cold and related symptoms.

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