Friday, September 25, 2020

Lymphatic drainage, it’s a big word but don’t worry it is not as scary as it sounds.the drainage refers to the drainage of toxins in your body. These toxins are common, everyone has them; they are created by our consumption of air, water, and food. The toxins however are dangerous and must be worked at in order to get rid of them. Toxins are evil and their main goal is to bring you down; they cause low energy levels, fatigue, mood swings, and in some cases depression. Getting these toxins drained from your body give a major boost to the power and function of your immune system. Regular detoxification treatments are essential to your personal well-being, they help your immune system stay strong and fight against viruses such as the flu. This drainage is the number one go-to for those who seek a whopping health boost to their immune system.


Chelation therapy is a very controversial treatment, since it is not approved by the FDA. However This therapy has been very successful in curing people of all their ailments. During this process, a synthetic solution or EDTA is injected into the blood stream, where it then begins to grab heavy metals and minerals from your bloodstream, such as:
This therapy is what most doctors use to help cure lead poisoning. Doctor also use it to treat people with atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. Although not approved by the FDA many say that they have seen improvement in their illness and well-being.

A toast to Insulin

Insulin is truly a revolutionary drug, offering a new chance at life for those diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Insulin gives hope when all faith in the future is gone. Insulin Potentiation Therapy helps those served a nasty fate stomach it better, for not only does Insulin Therapy help cure the cancer in a faster more effective way, it also has fewer side-effects such as loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue etc., the insulin in the solution helps to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy. This allows the user to need less chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells, in turn cause for a better rehabilitation. Since the dosages of chemotherapy are lowered, those diagnosed can receive more treatments that help to heal them faster. Insulin Therapy or IPT also provides nutrition to the user’s immune system to help expedite their healing, it is truly a medicine made for the betterment of both mind and body.

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