Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Poor diets and heredity are causing more cases of diabetes every year. This disease can lead to a multitude of life threatening complications if it isn’t treated. Some people lose limbs, get wounds that won’t heal, and suffer mood swings from unstable sugar levels. If sugar levels get too high or too low, a person can even end up in a coma. Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean that your life is over though. It can be treated very effectively with both modern and integrative medicine, and in some cases it can even be reversed.

Natural Treatments for Diabetes

Modern medical treatments for diabetes usually involve prescription drugs and insulin injections to control sugar levels. They don’t really get to the root of the problem though, which is often excess weight. This is why the first step that alternative medicine Miami clinics suggest usually involves special diets with high protein and carbohydrates and a gentle exercise plan. The next step is giving the patients herbal remedy supplements that can be taken along with the diet plan. The most popular herbal supplement is cinnamon. It can be sprinkled on a diabetic person’s food or taken in the form of a capsule. And, unlike prescription diabetic medicine, it has no side effects. Still, it is important that the patient only take it in the recommended dosage. Most people who try it add it to a high protein dish such as:

  • Yoghurt
  • Cottage cheese
  • Tofu

Acupuncture for Balance

Another holistic medicine Miami treatment that is available is acupuncture. This special alternative therapy has existed for many years. It works by balancing points on the body that the acupuncturist determines have stagnant energy. Needles with thin points are inserted gently into the top layer of skin. As they vibrate, they are said to open up the energy, which leads to healing. Organs in the body that effect blood sugar levels, such as the liver and pancreas, can be targeted during the treatment. The acupuncture must be done about once or twice a week, and it takes a few sessions to see results.

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