Sunday, September 20, 2020

As the name suggests, Ayurveda is typically a historical root that originates from an Indian Subcontinent. The plant-based treatment is derived from the roots, leaves, fruits, cardamom seeds or even from the bark of the tree. Besides, Ayurveda is also used in animal products such as milk and bones. It uses an alcohol beverage that is widely known as Madhya, which is categorized by the fermentation process and the raw material used. The categories include sugar-based, fruit-based, cereal based with herbs and fermentation with vinegar and tonic wines. Madhya has been described as a fast-acting medicine that improves digestion and also cleans the pores in the body.


  • Pulse – It’s also known as Nadi of Indian origin. Pulse is a PRP injection therapy that involves the identification of other illness in the body by arterial palpation and heartbeat. For instance, it only takes approximately twenty minutes to complete the whole examination process.
  • Urine – In order to diagnose various illnesses in the body, urine that is a by-product secreted by the kidney is tested in the process. The kidney secretes the impurities. It typically examines that when all food has been eaten.
  • Vision – It is also known as the Druk. Ayurveda establishes the vision diagnosis by closing the eyes gently and breathing in and out gently hence releasing stress and pressure from the eyes. Myers cocktail infusion is used in the process by infusing an Intravenous Vitamin, which enhances immune system hence relieving fatigue and body allergies such as eye infections.

Alternative Medicinal Purpose

It has been proven that Ayurveda can be used in various forms of therapies such as massaging the actual part f the body that tends to cause harm or pain. For instance, chelation therapy involves a medical procedure that describes the use of heavy metals thus chelating agents to remove the heavy metal from the human body. The benefits of chelation therapy include; increasing life expectancy; it improves vision, hearing and taste in general. Besides, it also improves the hair growth, strong nails, and overall more youthful appearance. In an internal body, chelation therapy helps in keeping the arteries strong by reducing the free toxic metals.

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