Sunday, September 20, 2020

ADD and anxiety run hand in hand. However, so many people think that the symptoms they are dealing with are all part of their Attention Deficit Disorder. Actually, anxiety can be just as difficult to deal with as the ADD. Together, they can be a recipe for disaster. It is hard to describe what anxiety is because each person will feel it differently. Imagine that you are driving down the road and a cop pulls up behind you and flashes his lights. That sense of panic and heart thumping sensation is what a person with anxiety experiences it every day, and sometimes all day long. They don’t know how to control it and when it comes along with ADD, it can cause hyperactivity and unsteady moods. No iv glutathione can fix this one, it’s brutal.

Why Do ADD and Anxiety Co-Exist

ADD is common and occurs with other disorders often. Anxiety occurs about 28% of the time with ADD. When comorbidity is present, treatment can be difficult. A doctor must decide which condition is the worst and attempt to treat that first. For instance, if ADD is causing the most problems, they will first attempt to get the ADD under control and then tackle the anxiety. However, if the anxiety is causing the greatest issues, they will go after it first. Anxiety can be miserable and can turn into a Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Agoraphobia. These conditions make may it hard for a person to leave their home or enjoy life. While platelet rich plasma injection therapy is not the answer, there are some holistic methods that can treat both. What natural remedies can treat anxiety:

Natural Treatment For Anxiety

Finding a good medication to treat anxiety often involves using those medications that are addictive or habit-forming. So, instead of going that route, many look to a whole health practitioner to help. High dose vitamin c ivs are used to help cancer patients, and things like Valerian root can help to calm the inner pain. A holistic doctor can point you in the direction of the best alternative. Don’t use drugs that are habit forming and require more and more to feel the same effects. Nature provides us with great alternatives that can easily calm the nervous one. Anxiety is an issue, as is ADD, but Mother Nature has provided great alternatives to ease both conditions without causing more problems.

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