Monday, September 21, 2020

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Anxiety disorder is a common condition, experienced by millions of people across the world. Many times, an individual may suspect he have an anxiety disorder, but may be too embarrassed or ashamed to address it. There is no shame in seeking help. By taking back control over one’s life and adequately treating anxiety, an individual can undergo emotional and physical healing, as well as live life to it’s fullest.

There are many symptoms that are associated with anxiety disorder, some of which are commonly known, others which may be more subtle. An individual who has anxiety disorder, finds himself worrying about a multitude of events and activities. This may include work performance, academics, family issues, finances, safety and health. These fears may seem to overtake one’s train of thought at any given moment, and may seem irrational. It may be very difficult to control the worry, which may interfere with daily activities. Additional symptoms which are often associated with anxiety, often include restlessness, or a continuous feeling of being “on edge,” as though one is waiting for something terrible to happen. Feeling exhausted on a constant basis is also common with an anxiety disorder. One may find it impossible to concentrate on simple tasks. A person who is suffering from anxiety disorder may also find it difficult or impossible to fall, and stay, asleep. Anxiety may also manifest in the form of muscle tension and extreme irritability.

If an individual suspects that he may have anxiety disorder, there is hope. Seeking out effective treatment is the first step in healing the mind. Treating anxiety often involves the use of conventional and alternative medicine, also known as CAM. Seeking treatment at a facility such as Dayton Medical clinic, will help to ensure that one is receiving high quality care, by compassionate, caring staff members.

CAM is one of the most effective ways to treat anxiety disorder, due to the “mind-body connection.” When an individual experiences the physical manifestations of anxiety, the heart races, palms get sweaty, and an undeniable sense of panic may set in. Physical changes in the body may prompt the brain to release hormones and chemicals which set off the “fight or flight” response. While this response is helpful if one is fleeing from danger, it is detrimental if one is simply going about the activities of daily living. By utilizing proven methods, effective in addressing this connection between the body and the mind, an individual is able to take control of his body’s response to anxious thought patterns, and can effectively redirect these feelings of anxiety or fear.

Mind Body Medicine is a wonderfully effective way to address and treat anxiety. EEG neuro integration is often utilized to treat states of imbalance in the brain. This is accomplished by utilizing photic technology, which retrains the brain to emit certain brain wave states that are more conducive to a healthy state of mind. Perception reframing is another powerful way to address anxiety disorder. In perception reframing, an individual’s voice is evaluated and then analyzed in order to promote a more effective mindset.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is another effective way to treat anxiety. This method takes into account that an individual is comprised of various organ systems, each with distinct functions, but all dependent upon each other. A physician who utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat anxiety will observe the appearance of the patient, listen to the patient’s voice, interview the patient, and take his pulse. At this point, the physician will prescribe certain herbs and remedies, found to be beneficial in correcting any systemic imbalances and decreasing those symptoms associated with anxiety.

Anxiety disorder can be extremely debilitating, and can also bring about secondary health issues, including depression, agoraphobia and panic attacks. Many individuals who may suffer from anxiety disorder, may be hesitant to seek treatment for a variety of reasons. Anxiety disorder can keep an individual from living a full and healthy life. There are many effective ways to treat anxiety disorder. There is no shame in seeking help to address anxiety disorder. Seeking treatment at the Miami medical center can help an individual heal a troubled mind, as well as enjoy better health and well being.

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