Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Staying calm is not easy, but in the face of danger or highly stressful situations, it’s necessary. Busy schedules and demanding jobs can be one cause of stress, among many. It’s hard to keep rushing around all the time. For some people, too much free time can generate anxiety. You local integrative medicine center can offer you a few therapies to help you stay calm. Alternative medical therapies such as acupuncture or ancient Chinese herbal remedies can help relax the body and lower stress levels. Some people swear by massage therapy or acupuncture on a weekly basis, and sometimes twice a week. Sometimes you have to allow yourself these little pleasures.

Allow Yourself Time to Rest

The worst thing you can do for yourself in a stressful situation, is to overthink and worry about it. Worry will only harm you, and won’t actually change your circumstances. It’s okay to think critically, but when the situation is far out of your control it’s time to let it go. Focus on breathing, think positive and clear thoughts. If the circumstances call for it, smile – or fake a smile. Laugh it off. Find humor in the situation. Back to breathing, if you focus on breathing, try several different breathing methods, such as counting to five as you breathe. If you are feeling the pressure physically, loosen up. Roll your shoulders back, gently massage your neck and stretch your back.

Other quick ways to relax:

  • Creative visualization – Also known as imagination. Imagine something pleasant.
  • A cool shower – A warm bath may sound tempting, but cool water is known to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Exercise – Exercise has a beautiful way of releasing all that bad mojo and clearing your mind. It’s certainly rewarding in itself!

Keep Reducing That Stress

When you are stressed, you may tend to over eat. Be conscious of your food intake, and chew slowly so you feel full before you go back for seconds. If your stress is related to a goal, put it out of your mind. Thinking about whether or not something will go your way can be exhausting. Take the time to appreciate the journey, however difficult and frustrating it may be. Take a look at the bigger picture. When you are stressed or angry, ask yourself if this same problem will matter to you next week, month, year or decade. Will it? No! So breathe, and put yourself in check. You don’t need to be perfect. If you demand perfection of yourself or anyone, you are bringing on unnecessary stress. Be patient, breathe, and you will become a calmer person.

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