Thursday, October 1, 2020

Everyone at one point in their life undergoes a certain amount of stress. The term stress has become so common in our daily lives that people often presume it is something that is just there to be part of our lives. Many people might wonder whether stress came with the current generation or it has been there even in the 14th centuries. That is why we are going to explore the history of stress to have a quick recap of the development of stress over the times about its characteristics and individuals who dedicated their research and time to studying stress and making it easier to comprehend.

Stress before the Eighteenth Century

According to Hans H.B Selye, stress before the eighteenth century was not given so much attention. There are a few types of research on the effect of stresses during this period. Stress during this periods has two notable exceptions, stress during this time had to do with hardships, adversity and other forms of afflictions that befell people. However, people were aware of stress, and they had various ways of coping with stress during their times some of the ways people used to manage stress in the ancient times include;

• Through holistic healing that involved a holistic approach to managing stress levels? The holistic approaches included meditation which was applied especially to the Asian people.

• Other sought the help of herbal specialists to help them with managing stress that come with hardships. These herbs would cause a relaxation feeling to the patients.

• Others practiced poor methods of managing stress like drinking alcohol.

Stress in the Modern World

According to many medical research specialist, stress levels in the modern time is on the rise and is now affecting many people compared to the ancient medieval times. The increase in the stress levels is widely blamed on our modernized world with urbanized lives. It is evident that our never-ending desire to innovate and produce more thing and get richer has put our minds into a state of continuous work without rest leading to the high levels of stress .An estimate of more than 450 million people are affected by stress-related ailments and is projected to triple in 30 years.

However, the modern world has devised different techniques of managing stress. They include resorting to integrative medicine and physical therapy offered by professionals who are ready to help out. Some medicines currently given might not work for everybody hence others seek alternative medical interventions to treat stress. Always strive to avoid situations that put you in stress to have a better life.

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