Wednesday, September 23, 2020

There are several effects associated with ADHD; most of them are easy enough to understand. One side effect that generally flows with the disease is anxiety. Unfortunately, the stress associated with anxiety has been known to affect other areas of treatment, especially as they relate to any medications that need to be administered. Modern and alternative medications have been known to treat different ailments based on the dosage being administered. One such treatment option is low dose chemo. Unlike the standard dosing of chemo, which destroys all the cells, a lower dosage can be manipulated to provide improved results. Improving management of the disease through lower dosing also allows more time for bone marrow to recuperate,

Understanding Lymphatic drainage

There are several benefits for a basic massage not the least of which is to work out some of the kinks in the body. Most rehab sessions include some measure of massage to help the patient return to his/her full capacity. There are other reasons to include a basic massage into your routine but the Lymph drain massage is probably the one you need to get after a surgical procedure that has caused major physical changes to the body. One of the main lymphatic drainage massage benefits is to help the patient regenerate scarred tissues that may have been affected through the surgical procedure. The process allows for reduction in swelling around the affected area and lowering of toxicity levels.

Additional benefits

● Improving the immune system.

● Relieving much of the pain and discomfort associated with breastfeeding.

● Lowering stress levels and also treating some pain issues.

● Reduces inflammation, which can sometimes cause arthritis.

Considering rehydration

If you have ever found your body demanding a drink of water there is a good chance that you are already on the path to dehydration. Serious levels of dehydration can cause damage to the body not to mention starving it of much needed fluids for survival. Severe stages of dehydration usually requires outside intervention the kind that a few glasses of water would not satisfy. One of the preferred options for dealing with severe dehydration symptoms is rehydration therapy. This treatment is generally exercised intravenously and the patient will usually have to be observed through the entire procedure. Symptoms to look for would be a very dry tongue and mouth. Pulse and blood pressure would be significantly lower than normal. All fluids going in and leaving the body must be recorded to ensure that the patient is retaining the required fluids.

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