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Anxiety disorder among children is rather common. During those childhood years, there are a lot of anxieties and fears that stem up for a lot of different reasons. A good example would be a child to be very nervous when changing schools, or perhaps before a test. Most of these fears and anxiety among children do not escalate to irrationality that lead to the development of a more serious condition such as panic disorders or panic attacks. These days, there are already a myriad of anxiety treatment that may involve synthetic or natural medicine. This article is going to focus on the subject of anxiety disorders among children.

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A lot of parents would do anything to protect their children. However, despite their best efforts, it is not possible to prevent every little thing that would interfere with the child’s life and growing process. Though most children’s fears are being shed as they grow older, there are certain children that do suffer the same anxiety disorders of those adults. However, when it comes to children’s anxiety disorders, it is a lot easier to generalize and categorize the cause since there are only a few possible causes of such disorder. Most of the time, events in school or home is the cause of such anxiety disorders. However, there are times that children tend to be hard on themselves. Striving to perfect something, this leads them to redo the same task over and over again. On top of that, there are children who are in constant need for validation, approval and reassurance from their parents and peers. If these cases become extreme, it can lead to a myriad of anxiety disorders. Parents may then research into Miami anxiety therapy, preferably natural medicine since it poses less of a risk to the general health.

A common kind of anxiety disorder among children is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD basically causes obsessive behavior as a means of trying to get rid of strong urges that typically involves with ritualistic behaviors and routine. Most OCD in children are typically diagnosed around 10 years old, but there are cases that OCD seems to manifest even as you as 2-3 years of age. Children with OCD usually manifest something like excessive washing of hands, repeated feeling of terror linked to an accident or something they have done wrong, excessive counting and excessive re-checking of items.

Panic disorders or anxiety disorders may be diagnosed among children who experience at least two panic attack symptoms within a month, and then followed by a month of worrying of having that same episode happen to them again in the future. These diagnoses are applicable among young children and also for ones that are going through their adolescent period. Children who suffer from panic disorders usually display a myriad of phobias such as a non-stop irrational fear of some specific object, circumstance and location.

Most of children’s fear usually involve with fear of storms, animals and dark. However, most of these fears go away as the child grows up. Before a fear is officially diagnosed as a phobia, a child must experience irrational fear that will interfere with his or her normal life for at least six months. During this time, a child may exhibits signs and symptoms associated to phobias such as emotionally numbness, nightmares, inability to sleep, inability to eat, headaches and upset stomachs. In serious cases, a child may freeze in place when he or she is being confronted with fear. The causes of these kind of panic disorders are too many to mention, but the most common ones seems to be witnessing a traumatic event, physical assault or death of a parent. One thing that is difficult when it comes to dealing with anxiety disorder among children is the child’s inability to verbalize his or her problems. That is why it is important to see your pediatrician regularly.

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