Sunday, September 27, 2020

ttention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a serious and fairly common condition that can affect the lives of children and adults alike. There has been a great deal of research done into the link between ADD and anxiety disorders. The two conditions are not the same; not everyone with ADD has an anxiety disorder, and not everyone with anxiety has ADD.

However, the two conditions can have a significant overlap. Both have symptoms that can affect a patient’s ability to concentrate and perform everyday tasks. When an individual suffers from both disorders, it can have a huge impact on their lives. Studies have shown that children and adults with ADD or ADHD are much more likely to suffer from anxiety than the general population. Anxiety can make it even more challenging for people with ADD to concentrate and complete everyday tasks.


People who suffer from ADD related anxiety have many options available to them that they may not know about. A lot of research has been done about various ways to treat the disorders. One suggested solution is to increase oxygenation to the brain. This is achieved by exposure to ozone. Ozone is simply an extra strong version of oxygen with amazing medicinal properties. Ozone therapy has been found to boost the immune system, increase oxygen intake, improve circulation, and much more. All of this can improve the mental state and greatly reduce ADD related anxiety.

Another solution with strong research behind it is pulse electromagnetic field therapy, or PEMF therapy, is considered to be an effective drug-free way to reduce anxiety. This benefit of PEMF devices was found after patients being analyzed with MRI machines reported dramatic improvements in their symptoms of anxiety and depression. This therapy works by stimulating the electrical currents of the brain, helping to regulate brain activity.

Finally, certain changes in lifestyle have been linked with improvements in ADD and anxiety. Lowering cholesterol levels too much can be dangerous. There is bad cholesterol and good cholesterol. Low levels of good cholesterol (HDL) have been strongly linked with symptoms of anxiety. There are many well-researched ways to increase HDL cholesterol levels:

  • Quit smoking
  • Increase physical activity
  • Lose weight
  • Drink alcohol in moderation


There are many different drugs out there designed to treat ADD and ADHD. For some people, they can improve symptoms. However, for many people with ADD, medication only serves to increase anxiety. Medication is overprescribed and can have both short and long term consequences. There are a large number of potentially dangerous side effects that come with most ADD and anxiety medications. It is particularly dangerous to give these drugs to children, because it can affect stages of crucial brain development. This is why alternative options should always be considered to treat ADD anxiety before turning to prescription drugs.

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