Wednesday, September 23, 2020

As people get older, the systems in their bodies start to slow down, often causing health problems for them. Some common health problems for older adults could include diabetes and high cholesterol. There are some natural supplements older individuals can take to counteract the internal slowing down of their systems. Natural milk thistle can benefit the heart by reducing the levels of cholesterol. It can also improve type 2 diabetes, as well as some liver conditions such as cirrhosis. People wondering about milk thistle side effects will find most of them are related to gastric distress, which could include bloating or diarrhea. In rare instances people could have an allergic reaction, which manifests as a rash.

Vitamin C and Aging

Vitamin C is one the most important nutrients for the body. It improves the production of collagen, which in turn, helps keep the connective tissues healthy as well as the internal organs and skin. As people age, these systems often break down, leading to a variety of physical conditions including heart disease and arthritis. Taking vitamin C is not as effective as getting it administered through an IV. The IV bypasses the digestive system to put the nutrient directly into the cells where it can be utilized to its full potential. The IV vitamin C side effects are minimal with the majority of people experiencing slight discomfort during the process.

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • Improved bone health
  • Protection against free radicals
  • Improved immune system

A Way to Improve Aging Cells

There has been a lot of research done on stem cells. These cells are the building blocks used to create healthy tissue for the regrowth of organs. Research has shown the cells adapt themselves to where they are placed so they can help generate new cells for unhealthy areas within the body. People who are older often have deterioration of their bones and joints, which leads to osteoporosis and arthritis. Knee stem cell therapy is used to help everything from torn cartilage to bursitis. The procedure is performed by injecting stem cells directly into the affected area. In most cases, the stem cells can come from the patient’s own body. Most people can resume their normal activities right after the procedure has been completed.

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