Saturday, September 26, 2020

There are a number of natural supplements people can use to help slow down the process of aging. While these supplements are made from natural ingredients they are not without their own side effects. Milk thistle for instance, is often used to treat liver problems and gallbladder disorders. These could be conditions associated with aging, which could benefit from the use of this natural supplement. However, milk thistle side effects could include diarrhea, upset stomach and nausea. Older adults should be cautious of the natural supplements they take to aid in resolving physical conditions. Some of these supplements are not regulated by the FDA and do not contain labels indicating side effects or recommended doses.

Brain Wave Functions and Aging

As people age, their brains begin to slow down in the signals they send. In some cases, people could experience sleep loss or anxiety due to a change in their brain activity. A new type of therapy used to help people control the activity in their brain is done through neurofeedback. To answer the question of what is neurofeedback therapy, it is important to understand the technology involved in the process. People undergoing this type of therapy would be connected to a machine where the signals of their brain could be picked up and displayed on a monitor. By actively watching the signals on the monitor, the individual could learn to control their brain’s activity to reduce the effect it has on their body.

Neurofeedback can help with the following conditions:

New Therapies for Age Related Conditions

There are some conditions associated with aging, which in the past were hard to treat effectively. One of the newer treatments found to be successful in conditions such as Parkinson’s and macular degeneration, is performed with ozone. Ozone is a natural chemical composed mostly of oxygen, which has been found to be successful for treating certain conditions when used in low doses. The benefits of ozone therapy include the improvement of blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and the reduction of tooth decay. Ozone may also be a beneficial treatment for some types of cancers where it acts as a toxin on the cancer cells to help break them down.

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