Sunday, September 27, 2020

Arguably, one of the main benefits of alternative medicine is that it treats the whole person rather than just the symptoms themselves. The center for integrative medicine typically provides combinations of both alternative and traditional medicines. Such centers are gaining in popularity for various reasons, among them being an overall improved collective consciousness of health and the fact that it is becoming apparent that human body may be starting to mutate away from effectiveness of exclusive consumption of traditional medicine. Also, it appears to be human nature to be more responsive to holistic treatment rather than being treated as symptom subjects in the way that traditional medicine has done so up to this point.

Chinese Herbal Remedies

Some alternative medicine involves ancient medicinal treatments from the ancient culture of China. This is also known as Traditional Chinese Medicine as these methods were around long before the discovery of penicillin and other traditional medical practices. They have always operated on the idea that that chi (or body’s energy) circulates through certain points called meridians. From this point of view, disease and disorder are the result of imbalances in the meridians and the treatment proceeds accordingly. It often takes more than one session for the treatment to have the maximized effect. Moxibustion and acupuncture are a couple of examples of them.

Some other examples of ancient chinese herbal remedies:

  • Aretimisinin.
  • Herb mixes in decoctions (strong teas) and honey-bound pills.
  • Extract powders (often referred to as granules) or pill capsules produced from dried teas.

Aretimisinin was recently found to, in fact, be effective against mortality rates of malaria. It reduced the mortality rate by more than 25% in over 30% of children worldwide. In 2015, William C. Campbell, Satoshi Omura and Youyou Tu of China shared the Nobel Prize in their invention of the Aretimisinin-related drug, Avermictin, whose derivitive, Ivermectin has almost completely eliminated river blindness and swelling of the lymph. The medical field will be expected to use it in lieu of the vaccine from that point on.

Other Chinese Remedies

The three listed above are only three of a few ancient Chinese herbal treatments available. Another fairly popular medicine includes ginseng. It’s usually prescribed to heal the body as a whole rather than treat any specific symptoms. We also got the idea of using cranberry juice for urinary tract infections and kidney stones from an old Chinese treatment. They are also believed to be the first to use Chamomile tea to alleviate upset stomachs as well as flaxseed and soy to help lower cholesterol. No matter what you use, you should always let your healthcare provider know as some can counteract the effects of traditional medications.

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