Sunday, September 20, 2020

At the end of the day, it’s up to you, to make sure you live a healthy lifestyle that supports the good health you dream of. It’s time to take your health into your own hands!  If you have a health goal, it’s up to you to reach it! If you want to try an alternative health plan, it’s up to you to research and decide what the best plan is for you. Don’t leave your health in someone else’s hands. If you want to know the benefits of ozone therapy, research them! If you want to lower cholesterol, learn what not to eat, and implement changes. Seek therapy, if you need it. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, massage therapy, whatever you need to heal, do it.

Stay Fit

Physical fitness, aside from strengthening your body and immune system, can reduce stress, clear your mind, and promote mental well being. A healthy body is only part of overall well-being. Some people note that exercise as a part of their morning routine has helped to boost their energy for the entire day. Regardless of when exercise can fit into your schedule, it’s important to implement.

A few exercises to try, could be:

  • Yoga
    Yoga as a method of fitness is popular even in India itself! The practice that is deep rooted in spirituality has dual purpose! Find a yoga class nearby, or get a reliable video to teach you a few basic moves and stretches.
  • Jogging
    Brisk walking or jogging can get your heart rate going, which is exactly what you need. At minimum, 20 minutes per day. 45 minutes of exercise a day is recommended, however.
  • Dancing
    Dancing can be a fun way to stay fit. Paired with upbeat music, or your favorite playlist, there is nothing like a good dance session. As long as your heart rate is up, and you keep going for a long period of time.

Mind & Soul

Caring for your health can also mean nourishing your mind and soul. This can mean staying away from toxic relationships, respecting yourself, and doing what makes you happy. Rest the mind with meditation, each day. Make it a habit to think more positively. Find your purpose, and put every effort into living your purpose every day. These are just a few tips that will help you nourish your mind and soul. Remember that happiness is something you have to achieve on your own, without the influence of others.

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