Thursday, October 22, 2020

Our youth is always playing tricks on us. It behaves like one of those silly magic tricks we used to enjoy, ‘now you see it and now you don’t.’ as time goes by and our treasured youth continues to disappear with it, people are popping pills left, right and centre with the hope of preserving it. What most people fail to understand is that ‘old is old’ and there is no scientific way of turning back the clock. This however does not mean that your spirit should wither out as well. You are supposed to live larger than life no matter what it says on your driver’s license. Popping pills and undergoing strenuous body cuts is not the solution but trying out doctor-recommended integrative therapy could be the secret you need to stop the aging on the inside.

How youth works

From the time we are born, the biological clock starts ticking. Our growth path is set is usually known. This path of aging is set out for everyone and that is the painful truth. The only thing we can do is to try and make that journey as slow as possible. This has proven to be quit challenge in the world we live in today because everything needs to be done as fast as possible and everyone is on the move all the time such that they do not have seconds to spare for meals. Some of the risk factors we expose ourselves to everyday that speeds up our aging process are:

  • constant fatigue.
  • poor eat habits.
  • lack of sleep.
  • too much stress.
  • lack of exercise

Rejuvenating your youth

Your body cells need water to function properly and waste products need to be constantly eliminated. Any form of rehydration therapy will replenish water and lymphatic drainage therapy will aid the body in eliminating waste material from the tissue cells. The secret to felling young again is playing physics with your body. A well-oiled machine will always work efficiently. So all you have to do is found out which parts of your body needs oiling. Taking good food, constant exercising and some forms of traditional Chinese medicine through techniques like acupuncture have also proven useful in maintaining cellular chemical balance. This means you are left energetic and youthful no matter what age you are.

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