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There is nothing more important than good health. Health is at the center of all your activities. Your job, hobbies, outdoor activities; everything you do revolves around health.

Where Do You Turn When Health Issues Arise?

We live in times where health is jeopardized. Your health is jeopardized by stress, toxins, processed foods, and lifestyles, e.g., overeating, lack of exercise, poor sleep.

If you look closely, you’ll see that modern medicine sets it sights on treating patients, not curing. To be fair we must acknowledge the fact that modern medicine does save lives, but we also know there are side-effects associated with these synthetic drugs. This is one reason we need to look at natural remedies.

Alternative Medicines – Natural Remedies

Alternative medicines can sometimes scare people because it’s unknown. The study of medicine in the western states focuses primarily on patient treatments through the use of modern drugs.

Alternative medicine uses more natural remedies to enhance the body’s ability to treat itself. Some of the more common areas of study are:

– Acupuncture
– Metabolic Therapy
– TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine
– Holistic Doctor
Homeopathic Doctor

There are other disciplines such as meditation and yoga that fit into the mix, but we want to focus on uncovering alternative medicines.

What Conditions Can Alternative Medicine Treat?

Alternative medicine treats a wide range of conditions and diseases. The common cold isn’t devastating, but it can sure make you miserable. On the other hand, finding out that you have cancer will be devastating news. We illustrate such a wide range of conditions because alternative medicine is used to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases.

Alternative medicine is personalized. Medical centers offering alternative options focus more on the individual patient as compared to modern medicine where the treatment is more “one size fits all.”

Alternative medicine tries to get at the core of the problem. Tests are done to determine vitamin deficiencies, chemical imbalances, nutritional needs, toxicity overload, and other issues. This is in contrast to modern medicine where the symptom is treated, not the underlying cause.

Example: Intravenous Therapy

One example of an alternative option is intravenous therapy. Intravenous therapy is the infusion of liquids directly into the vein. The following are some of the alternative treatments used in IV therapy:

– Glutathione
– PK Protocol
– Silver Hydrosol

Each of these IV therapies has a specific purpose. These therapies have been used to treat cancer, Lupus, high blood pressure, and other degenerative diseases. This is just one example of how alternative medicine has incorporated traditional therapies using natural remedies.

Finding a Medical Center

Finding a medical center that is experienced in both conventional and non-conventional methods can be difficult.

At Dayton Medical Center (Alternative Medicine Miami), they practice both holistic and integrative medicine. The Dayton Center is one of Florida’s oldest medical facilities incorporating complementary, conventional, and alternative medicine (CAM) under one roof. The best care for a patient is one that uses the best treatments from each method, and that’s what Dayton does best.

Dayton offers a full range of alternative practices and therapies. They have been successfully treating patients for more than 40 years now using both conventional and alternative technologies.

Your body wants to heal itself but at times it needs help. You can give it this help by using alternative therapies.

Let us help, give us a call at (305)-931-8484, or visit us at Dayton Medical. We’re experienced, we listen, and we can help. Call today.

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