Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Alternative medicine and therapies offers an abundance of choices according to your health needs and desires to proceed with some type of alternative practices. You are the only one who can decide how you want to regain your health and wellness and through which manner of medicine, Alternative medicine or ancient forms of healing, Traditional medicine or a Complementary medicine route which entails a combination of a bit of Eastern and Western medicine. It is rare to find a medical practitioner who is schooled in both types of medicine. Many of the traditional doctors say, “Learning medicine is a whole new ballgame,” and they do not have the time to learn another form of medicine. There is an area of the United States that shows a thriving growth in Alternative medicine, Miami, Florida. Patients desiring Alternative medical practice can find an abundance of clinics offering PRP, Chelation, and Cupping Therapy.

Three Popular and Proven Alternative Treatments

• PRP Injections stand for Platelet Rich Injections, which proves helpful with injuries. The rich platelets combine with the patient’s blood and are injected back into the patient. This process shows an accelerated healing process and proven many times beneficial in the healing of injuries.
• Chelating Therapy removes toxins from the body and is administered by a medical professional. This process treats an array of illnesses and diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and even found beneficial in treating autism.
• Cupping Therapy Miami allows the practitioner to apply specific soft plastic suction cups along the energy pathways of the body, generally on the back, due to an abundance of energy medians found in that area of the body. These cups bring blood to the surface of the skin, thus opening up these medians for increased blood circulation throughout the body, to the vital organs. This increases oxygen to the vital organs thus increases output.

Alternative Medicine from A to Z

When traditional doctors say that learning Alternative medicine practices is a completely different ballgame, they are right in this fact. Yet, more times than not the traditional doctor is already applying more or less of these Alternative treatments, unaware. Alternative medicine covers an array of treatment areas from A to Z. Just like traditional medicine, Alternative practices are specific for specific illnesses and disease processes the patient is suffering. What one Alternative treatment a patient requires to regain health, another patient may not require. Alternative medication is personalized to the patient and what illness, they were dealing with at the time. Whether the treatment is acupressure, acupuncture, Cupping, Chelation, PRP, Biofeedback, Chiropractic treatments, Ancient Chinese medicine, Kinesiology, and even in-depth prayer Alternative therapy are on the rise across the United States. European nations have embraced Alternative medicine for years and lastly, it is gathering popularity in the United States.

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