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Spiritual healing is a pure therapy, unlike integrative therapies, and is the process of healing transmitted by divine forces, the soul or spirit. Ancient cultures might have referred to this as energy or life force within every living being. Spiritual healing can be guided, with the presence of a healer, or it can be an individual journey. Many cultures practice spiritual healing, around the same time they used ancient herbal remedies, in a variety of different ways. Cultures all over the world, especially in ancient times, sought to heal not only the body, but the soul. Native American medicine is one of the first things we think of, when spiritual healing comes to mind. For the fact that they used both herbal remedies and spiritual therapies to heal the ill.

Achieving Spiritual Healing

Alternative medicine miami doctors agree that the soul, the mind, and the body need to be healed. A good state of mind alone can help overall health, but cannot achieve total health. Spirituality must not be neglected. Energy flows through channels in our body, like rivers in the earth, which can be blocked. If our spiritual energy becomes low, it fails to nourish our body and mind, tipping the balance and lowering the immune system as well as weakening the mental state. Other things can affect our flow of spiritual energy, such as traumatic events and suppressed emotions. All of which are particularly harmful to spiritual well being.

There are many forms of spiritual healing. Some of which include:

The Soul’s Maintenance: Self Healing

If you choose to take a session of reiki or yoga, or follow the instructions of a healer, it’s important to – afterwards – continue your spiritual healing journey on your own. Set up a healing routine, buy self-help books if you’d like, find some calming music, and maintain your spiritual well-being. Realize the power you have over your own destiny, and start with building yourself up and healing yourself.  No single path of healing is right for every person. Find what soothes and heals your soul, and do that. Once you have full control over your own self healing, visit a healer about once a month for maintenance.

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