Sunday, September 27, 2020

The human body contains different components that work together to sustain good body health. Healthy human bodies are the key to success for any activity undertaken by human beings. The human body is complex in nature and requires more careful attention when handling it in normal life situations. There are many different types of diseases and medical conditions that affect the human body. The lack of different components and deficiencies may result in increased health problems on human beings. As a result, there are many components and elements needed by the body in order to avoid these conditions. A well kept and healthy body system makes a person to live a normal life for a long period of time. Many diseases can be cured through seeking medical attention and others through proper physical and normal state of the mind.

Importance of body components

There are medical conditions that need enhanced body components for the body to regain normal functioning. These body components are responsible for boosting the body immune system. High dose vitamin c therapy has been administered widely in the treatment of cancer. Though it is not medically proven to treat cancer, many research are still going on and there is no certain answer that has been found yet. Other researchers recommend the use of Vitamin C in the treatment of adverse body burns. Though it is being used in the treatment of body burns, it has not been confirmed to be completely successful in the treatment process and more research is being done to find the exact solution.

Detoxifying the body system

Glutathione is one of the substances highly used in the human body. The human body uses it in the detoxification of the body from reactive microbial activities. Glutathione is usually used as an antidote when there is excessive paracetamol in the body. This substance is also used in the skin-whitening industry. Glutathione is used to inhibit melanin formation on the skin. Side effects of glutathione are many and have continued to affect the general public. Some of these side effects include:
• Skin rashes
• headaches
• chillness
• Diarrhea
• Itchiness
Chelation refers to the use of chelating agent to remove excess metals in the body. It is used in the treatment of mercury, lead uranium and acute iron in the body. The process is very risky and as such is done under very strict medical conditions. Side effects of chelation therapy are very diverse on the human body. They include dehydration, kidney problems and low blood calcium. This are conditions if not well taken care off may lead to death.

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