Sunday, September 27, 2020

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There is a long line of medical traditions across the globe that trace back literally thousands of years. These traditions are upheld still to this day because they have been proven effective at diagnosing and treating disease in a safe and natural way. Alternative holistic medicine is a branch off of these age old traditions that embraces balance and harmony in health. Today, Miami doctors are starting a new tradition with alternative medicine by successfully integrating these ancient practices with conventional western medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of those exotic medical traditions that has been fine tuned and articulated for effective clinical application for the past five thousand years. The prevailing theory is that the human body is a delicate ecosystem that is directly influenced by the external environment. These practices are finally gaining popular ground in the West, and centers for alternative medicine Miami are incorporating these theories with conventional medicine. The emphasis is on restoring and maintaining a holistic balance within the body with the most natural and the least invasive means possible.

When used by itself, conventional medicine can be quite destructive, although effective, and a holistic approach becomes necessary to maintain an equilibrium. Especially in serious cases, like cancer, the method is practically always very invasive and harmful to the overall health of the patient. For integrative medicine, however, treatments become variable and totally dependent on the patient. One could choose conventional or non-conventional treatment or both. Using a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Osteopathic medicine and Mind Body medicine, Miami doctors offer the options and then suggest the right treatment for each patient. Respect and compassion is given to each patient individually, and each case is considered as equally as important as the last.

There is an endless list of therapies, such as acupuncture, hormone replacement therapy, chelation therapy, herbal therapy, nutritional therapy, cell therapy, intravenous treatments, neural therapy, prolotherapy, injections, electromagnetic therapy, Homeopathy, laser therapy and vibration therapy. Among countless others, these therapies are fragments belonging to a whole. The efficacy of alternative and integrative medicine comes from the collaboration of all the therapies used together to form a unified medical system. The broader the range of therapies that are incorporated the more wholesome and complete the medicine will be.

Using natural methods along with highly developed conventional medical techniques is what makes alternative medicine Miami one of the most effective integrative practices in the country. Diagnosis depends on the underlying cause of an illness, which could be imbalances of excess, deficiency and toxicity as well as structural or emotional disturbances. After diagnostic evaluation, treatment may include any combination of therapies that are aimed at renewing the functionality of the internal organs and to the mind-body complex. Everything from the common cold and cancer to low self-esteem and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can be approached by these synergistic therapies that can help increase the overall balance and well-being of the patient.

The majority of human health needs are generally very similar. Although, each person has a unique constitution and therefore has different health demands that must be met. This is why any two people with the same illness can be treated differently. This is the basis of all holistic medicine: Treat the person with the disease, and not the disease that the person has.

Conventional medicine often aims a missile straight at a disease without considering how the patient’s body will be affected. The purpose of alternative holistic medicine is to strengthen the body’s own defenses and add to its arsenal of resources to fight off and prevent disease. By combining these two strategies, cancer, for example, can be fought more effectively by using chemotherapy from conventional medicine while simultaneously using alternative medicine to strengthen, replenish and revitalize the body from the detriments of cancer and radiation.

Decades ago, alternative medical clinics in Miami were founded to practice and develop these integrative techniques. Today, they have innovated a new tradition in the broad horizon of complementary, conventional and alternative medicine. These centers expertise in areas often overlooked in conventional medicine, and they provide options for patients to enjoy the most beneficial treatments and harmonious outcomes in the Western hemisphere. To be a part of this new tradition is to be a part of the continuous effort for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony.

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