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Many people consider alternative medicine to be on the fringe of modern technology however, alternative medicine doctors have been around since the beginning of time. In today’s modern medical world many are shunning the high cost of medical care in exchange for alternative holistic medicine methods. These methods, when combined with knowledge learned in life about medical conditions, can often help ease medical symptoms. Here are a few alternative forms of medicine to get you started.


Developed by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734–1815), Mesmerism focuses on the belief of magnetism, and the therapeutic abilities of magnets. Franz believed that illness was a consequence of a blocked system. He believed that magnets would unblock the system and restore the body’s natural ebb and flow of energy. He would transfer this energy via his abundant and naturally occurring animal magnetism or the use of magnets touching the body in various locations. Many patients felt immediate relief after a mesmerism treatment from such conditions as seizures, migraines and other aches and pains.


Many who practice forms of alternative medicine use hypnosis. Hypnosis is the minds power over the body with the mind being able to focus strongly on a specific thought or a specific memory. Introduced via a powerful set of instructions and suggestions, hypnosis is also based on Frank Anton Mesmer’s practices of mesmerism. While under the hypnotic trance, the patient can be introduced to powerful suggestions such as smoking or drug cessation or even alcohol cessation. Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) can sometimes be helped with the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis can be self induced or induced by another person or a medical provider.


Osteopathy emphasizes interrelationships between function and structure in the body, including the body’s capability of self healing. Said to facilitate healing through the practice of manual and manipulative therapy, osteopaths are highly trained with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in biomedical sciences and general medical diagnosis. Additionally, they have osteopathic techniques but no pharmacology and no surgical techniques.

Osteopaths believe that in the integrated unit of mind, spirit and body. Self regulatory mechanism regulate the body which gives it the ability to defend, repair and remake itself. The body’s structure and function being reciprocally related and that rational therapy based on the first three principles.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Founded in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, a magnetic healer, chiropractic theory is based on spinal joint dysfunction and its reputed role in non musculoskeletal diseases. Chiropractic therapy has been a source of controversy since its beginning in 1895. This complementary alternative medicine uses an approach for healing that is based on the diagnosis, treatment and the prevention of neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Emphasizing manual and manipulative therapy most people visit a chiropractor for lower back pain. The chiropractor will take a complete medical history/

Ayurvedic Medicine

Although it is not Scientifically backed, ayurvedic medicine dates back over 4000 years. This irrational system is based upon interpretation of a disease and ones health. Based upon the belief that when one is tired one should rest, and when one is hungry one should eat, bringing about a self awareness of ones system and its requirements. Ayu means life while veda means science. Traditional meal times are discouraged and eating when one is hungry or drinking when one is thirsty is the mindset for this medical practice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dating back 4000 years, this medicine embraces a concepts of balance. Yin and yang, Blood, Qi, Jing and Bodily fluids. These five elements combined with emotions and spiritual approaches embrace an approach to health based in Taoist beliefs and Chinese cultural beliefs. Acupuncture, diet, herbs and exercise all combine together to encourage a healthier more balanced lifestyle.


A procedural collections involving the stimulation of various points around the body, acupuncture Miami Beach uses several different techniques. One such techniques is penetrating the skin with fine stainless steel needles which are manipulated by electrical stimulation. These needles are usually disposable although some acupuncturists do use needles that require sterilization. Be sure to inquire of your acupuncturist when you visit as to their needle policy. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of alternative medicines in Traditional Chinese medicine.

According to the Chinese approach, by stimulating acupuncture points you’re correcting imbalances in the flow of your qi via channels called meridians. While science can’t necessarily explain how it works, many swear by their acupuncture treatments and many go through acupuncture Miami for such treatments.

Research currently supports acupuncture over a placebo method for alternative medical therapies. Many doctors are now experimenting with acupuncture and alternative holistic medicine for treating depression, insomnia and anxiety in their patients.

Dietary Therapies

Another consideration held as important in Chinese medicine is dietary therapy. The great Tang dynasty physician, Sun Si Miao, suggested doctors attend to their patients diets and lifestyle prior to consideration of other forms of medicine. A proper diet will guard a patients health and prevent disease. It was held that adjusting a diet could change the dynamics of yin and yang. Thus Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners used foods and herbs to assist a patient in maintaining their health and preventing disease. Education on proper nutrition, diet and use of food is standard in diet therapies. These therapies are customized accordingly to how old the patient is, whether the patient is male or female and the diagnosis, level of activity as well as the season and the environment in which the patient lives.

If our bodies aren’t in proper balance it’s impossible to stay healthy. Following the above alternative holistic medicines offers a patient an opportunity to stay involved in their healthcare and focused on a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Martin Dayton, an alternative medicine doctor, is ready to see you today!

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