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Naturopathic Medicine may be more commonly known as Alternative Medicine. While the terminology often is associated with the modern and the new age, Alternative Medicine in fact has a long history that stretches all across the world. This is because it is based on the philosophies and practices observed by many cultures before the advent of modern medicine in the 1830’s and 40’s. Before medical practice became an institution and a subject of genuine scientific study most of a communities medical needs were met by a part time practitioner who responded to a wide array of ailments and maladies. These practices and traditions persisted throughout the years encouraged by those who sought an affordable alternative to the expense and detachment associated with institutionalized medicine.

Practices in Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is notable for it’s focus on herbal remedies, exercise and ritual as well as general well being, consisting of:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • emotional health

In essence, Alternative Medicine often strives to improve and enhance the human bodies own internal systems to heal or even prevent illness. While this approach is not necessarily recommended in the targeted treatment of specific diseases it is well known that a healthy body and mind is an invaluable ally when combating illness of any kind, increasing the chances of survival and recovery. Some examples of practices in Alternative Medicine are acupuncture, meditation, exercise and herbal remedies.

History of Alternative Medicine

The exact roots of such alternative practices are difficult to trace, originating in cultures throughout the world long before medicine became a scientific study. Native American, Indian and Chinese practices are all notable influences for their focus on emotional health as well as physical. Modern Alternative Medicine practices are rooted in the work of the Popular Health Movement. The Poplar Health Movement was a cooperation of notable herbalists who worked to cultivate awareness and acceptance of Alternative Medicines by the general population and professional practitioners alike. They worked on the state and local level to loosen restrictions on medical licensing. This allowed the establishment of complementary and alternative medicine(CAM) practices which would make alternative medicines more easily available to the public.
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