Saturday, September 26, 2020

CAM, meaning complementary and alternative medicine, is a newer age technology that is finally beginning to take root in licensed treatment centers. The point behind CAM is to blend the use of alternative medicine with previously established treatments and create an integration between them. Modern medicine has many benefits, but it also lacks in some places, that is where CAM comes in, to fill in the gaps left behind. Since it refers to treatment options that lie outside the generally acceptable modern use of medicine, the integration is a slow and meticulous process.

Many people fear the idea of using primitive and alternative medicines and treatments because they are not typical, however, all modern medicine is based off of ancient learnings, therefore combining them all together could lead to some tremendous medical breakthroughs. The possibility of cures for previously un-curable diseases and afflictions could be only one small milestone away.

CAM is not something brand new and never before used

Many countries use complementary and alternative medicine in their typical care for patients, which is one reason that some people from the western part of the world seek them out. They know that alternative medicine does work, though it does have a few flaws that more modern approaches could fix. In other parts of the world, people believe that the use of simple ingredients and treatments can effectively cure most ailments.

For example:

  • Native Americans used alternative, “earth” medicine
  • Shamans the world over use herbs and rituals to heal their patients
  • ribal people use methods of holistic healing that have rarely been seen or studied, but they have been noted to actually work

Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine With Modern Medicinal Treatments

Studies in an integrative medicine center are already underway in hopes of creating less painful and more useful treatments for patients. Soon there could be a alternative medical facility in every state. Some examples of combinations are as follows:

  • Chemotherapy treatments combined with acupuncture
  • The use of energizing herbs with mental health medications
  • Diet and Exercise with thyroid and mental issues causing and preventing weight loss
  • Meditation and understanding one’s body combined with modern medicine to create a full healthy person

Cam could be a revolution to the medical world.

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