Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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People with physical disabilities require meticulous care from a professional known as a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a physician that treats pain caused by physical illness, disorders, and injury. Fortunately for the residents of Miami, there are plenty of physiatrists to choose from at the Miami medical center. However, having plenty of options can create a dilemma. Finding a physicist that caters to a patient’s specific needs can be a strenuous task. Patients must consider three factors when looking for a physicist such as their specific physical needs, the types of therapies they prefer to use, and the ways they implement these therapies.

Dealing with a specific problem

All psychiatrists have the skills to treat patients with injuries and physical disorders. However, certain injuries and disorders call for one that has expertise in a superficiality of physicality. Athletes with sports injuries would greatly benefit from psychiatrists with a background in sports medicine. Parents with children that are recovering from scoliotic surgery need one with a background in pediatrics. These professionals do not only treat patients with musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. They also treat patients that suffer or have suffered from cancer, cerebral palsy, heart disease, multiple scerolsis, stokes, third-degree burns, and trauma. They work with a team of other medical professionals–cardiologists, neurologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, osteoporologists, and rehabilitation nurses to name a few–to provide the best treatment. Speaking of treatment, psychiatrists use little to noninvasive methods which includes (but not limited to) mental and emotional therapy, pain medications, and physical therapy. They also use what would be considered alternative therapies. The most common are acupuncture, herbal medicine, and special diets. Patient should also put some thought into therapy options when looking for a physiatrist.

Determining treatment options

Education and experience are other factors to consider when looking for a physiatrist. Different psychiatrists use different types of therapies. As mentioned earlier, some are conventional and some are unconventional; and there is a combination of both. Preference for a particular type of therapy determine the amount of knowledge a physiatrist is willing to gain about it. The effectiveness of the therapy determines the amount of experience they have using it. Physiatrists that have no knowledge about or experience using any type of alternative therapy use only conventional therapies. Those that are familiar with them use natural remedies alongside conventional therapies. It is important that patients work with their primary healthcare providers when determining therapy options for themselves and/or loved ones. This will allow them to take advantage of specific therapies.

Individualizing Therapies

The severity level of pain determines the specific therapy or therapies a patient will receive. A patient with pain caused by a minor muscle tear will be prescribed some type of pain medication. A patient with pain caused by a recent spinal cord injury will need more than just temporary relief. They will need an extensive amount of physical therapy and (depending on what nerves were damaged) occupational therapy. A patient that suffered from cancer will receive the same therapies. This patient will also benefit from some type of herbal medicine and/or a special diet. If the last two types of patients become stressed then they will need emotional counseling. Acupuncture is also a great option for relieving stress as well as minor pain.

Finding the right physiatrist makes all the difference in a patient’s recovery process. This professional does not only treat pain. They also transform lives. A paralyzed patient regaining their ambulatory ability gives them a new prospective on life. A Miami physiatrist has a huge advantage over one that does not work in a city by the ocean. They can use a beautiful scenery to motivate patients to follow through with their treatments. After all, it is up to the patient to make the right choice.

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