Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Alternative medicine as a way of definition is a type of health therapy that is contradicting to the normal scientific and clinical methods of healing patients. The main aim that is targeted by alternative medicine is to create harmony between the body and the spirit. The therapist does not involve themselves with a lot of clinic matters. All there is for them to do is to make the grounds for the healing of the patients quite convenient and one that really makes the healing fast as it has been proved that the kind of environment that a patient is being healed in determines the success of the healing.

What are some of the therapies that are involved in alternative medicine?

There are several methods that are encompassed in alternative medication. The first one, of course, is plasma rich platelet injections. This is what is based in the idea that platelets in the blood sample actually increases the chances of healing of an injury. It was invented a long time ago but has now been inculcated into the modern systems. Blood is drawn from the patient and then through a process called centrifugation; the sample is enriched with platelets and then injected back to the patient. The following is a simple procedure employed during prp injection:

  • Blood is drawn from the patient
  • Through centrifugation, platelet content is heightened.
  • The sample is injected back to the patient.

Chelation therapy is also another therapy entailed. Benefits of chelation therapy in the system of an individual include removal of heavy metal s from the blood system of an individual. Certain metals can be dangerous in the system of one and to curb this, chelating agents are used to removing them. Myers cocktail therapy is another therapy that is encompassed in alternative medicine. However, it comes with a lot of side effects, and Myers cocktail side effects are the irritation however on rare occasions.


All these therapies are very important especially when used correctly. The problems have been the issue of side effects. Several physicians around town might not have the expertise that is necessary for the healing of a disease.it is therefore very important for one to always be vigilant in pursuit of quality services. The problem with poor quality therapies sis that they are bound to predispose the sprouting of these side effects that could be dangerous to the health of an individual.

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