Sunday, September 20, 2020

There are countless methods of treatment for different medical conditions. Some treatments are specific to a single condition while others treat a multitude of conditions. Certain methods of medical treatments are customary among the medical industry, having been practiced with success over a long period of time. However, there are instances when such methods are not as effective, or are not an option due to the instability of a patient’s health or other complicating factors. Alternative medicines are an option for some and are administered by specialists. It is not always clear why alternative methods of medicine are effective in treating some patients, though their success rates are notable, resulting in continued research and development.

IV Therapies

These methods of alternative treatment are administered intravenously. IV Nutrition Therapy is used to combat issues such as infection, cancer and much more. The formula consists of vitamins and minerals that a patient lacks and acts as a boost to assist the body during the healing process. Another form of IV therapy is IV Hydration Therapy. This method is used in cases of extreme dehydration caused by illness or over exertion of the body. After a certain point, the body can no longer hydrate orally. Through this method, a mixture of water, salt, and sugar are administered directly to the bloodstream, allowing the body to produce electrolytes and begin to hydrate. IV Therapy has also been linked to aiding in the resolve of these conditions –

• Addiction
• Headaches/migraines
• High blood pressure
• Fatigue

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Unlike blood, lymph cannot be pumped through the body by the heart, making its travel a slow process. Lymph collects toxins through your body and filters them through the nodes. Over time, the nodes may collect buildup. Through this method, the lymph is drained from the nodes to induce better circulation. Lymphatic Drainage Massage benefits patients by healing edemas and hematomas caused by surgery, combating cellulite, and by relieving swelling in the feet and other limbs. The massage begins at the neck, then to the center of the face, finishing around the ears and temple. Not only is this treatment beneficial for a patient’s health, but it also leaves them feeling relaxed.

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