Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Vitamins are essential for good nutrition and growth of our bodies. To be clear, vitamins are necessary in order for our bodies to work as they should. Different vitamins are needed to perform certain activities such as protecting cells from damage, produce energy, regulate cell and tissue growth and guide the utilization of minerals. Keep in mind, if your body doesn’t get enough of the vitamins it needs, it could lead to deficiencies and over time may cause illness. If there is a deficiency of vitamins in your body, it can lead to illness, disease and fatigue. Find out about Chinese medicine Miami and how it benefits the body.

Vitamins for your Metabolism and Heart Health

Vitamins are vital for good digestion and metabolism. B vitamins such as B6 and B12 are important and necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins:

  • Foods that are high in B vitamins and magnesium are broccoli, beans, oats, poultry, fish and eggs.
  • Metabolism is important for good health because it burns foods that are digested and then stored, in order to produce energy that your body can use throughout the day.
  • Heart health is important and certain vitamins from the food you eat everyday are needed to prevent heart disease.
  • Nutrients that come from vitamins A, C and E have antioxidant properties that help lessen inflammation which may lower the risk of heart disease. Niacin or B3 is used to lower high cholesterol levels. Acupuncture in Miami is a treatment method that works well for some.

Vitamins for Bone Health and Fertility

To maintain bone health and prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis, vitamin D is necessary to help your body absorb calcium from food. In addition, vitamin K also is important for good bone health. Foods that are rich in vitamin D are salmon, eggs, mushrooms, tuna, pork, cereals and orange juice. To have a healthy reproductive system, the function of various organs, structures and hormones are needed. For fertility health in men, zinc is important and zinc also improves sperm count. Foods that are rich in zinc are poultry, red meat, beans, nuts and oysters. Other vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy reproductive system are vitamin C and E, B12, folic acid, selenium and beta carotene. Talk with your doctor about lymphatic drainage massage Miami and its benefits.

To conclude, vitamins are important for good health and the benefits of vitamins go far beyond physical health. Vitamins are also good for mental health, too. Certain vitamins lessen anxiety and depression, as well as adding to a person’s positive thinking.

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