Sunday, September 27, 2020

Holistic medicine has begun to become more popular and widely used as people become more interested in living healthier, simpler life. Therapies such as acupuncture and meditation are becoming more accepted by the average person and more widely used. As these holistic therapies become more common and people have more access to them we are learning more about how they work. Culturally our world is getting smaller every day. We have unprecedented access to information about people and cultures from all over the globe. These therapies have been used for centuries around the globe to help improve the quality of life for everyone.

Healing in India

Of all of the ancient medicinal practices ayurvedic medicine is one of the best known. Unlike most medical treatments, this ancient Indian practice is primarily concerned with maintaining health rather than curing illness. The practice revolves around maintaining the balance of three distinct types of energy, or doshas in the body. These doshas are :

  • Pita, a fiery energy associated with intelligence and vitality.
  • Vata, which is associated with air, space and creativity.
  • Kapha which is associated with water, earth and stability

Although this ancient healing system has never been tested as a whole, a few of the individual procedures, such as treatment for arthritis have been shown to he safe and effective.

A traditional Japanese take on Health

Although India is known for it’s rich culture and holistic medicines, it is not the only place to have a history of holistic medicine. In Japan people have been taking advantage of acupuncture moxibustion. This cross between regular acupuncture and moxibustion therapies is designed to help energy flow freely, and like the traditional medicine of India is primarily concerned with maintaining health rather than restoring it. The acupuncture needles serve a dual purpose of stimulating nerves and keeping the burning mugwort off of the patient’s skin. Unfortunately despite extensive research most of the health benefits of this therapy have been disproven. The one place it has been shown to have effect is in helping right breech babies so they can be delivered safely.

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