Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Chronic pain conditions that are caused by illnesses and chronic diseases have a devastating effect on a person’s life. It becomes difficult for them to move, sleep, work, or even play with their children. Every minute of the day is spent thinking about how to avoid pain. When the usual methods for pain reduction don’t work then it is often time to head to a center integrative medicine for help.

Alternative Therapies

Some people are a little nervous about going to a holistic center for the first time because they don’t know what to expect. Alternative treatment centers have a calm, peaceful atmosphere that will quickly put them at ease though. They feature a multitude of alternative pain therapy options that are individually tailored to each person, so they get the best care possible. One of the first treatments that can be done is acupuncture. Miami acupuncture specialists use ancient methods of sensing energy flow. If an area of the body is determined to be “stagnant”, or having restricted energy flow, then that body part, and emotions identified with it, is identified to be the source of the problem. Long thin needles are then carefully inserted in to the skin there to help move energy in the required direction. It often takes just a few acupuncture treatments to begin feeling a significant reduction of pain. Some people feel better right away though. Besides acupuncture, there are other alternative pain therapies available. Some of them include:

Dangers of Pain Medicine

Alternative pain therapy relief has quickly become more popular due to the ever present danger of addiction to pain medicine. At one time, before much was known about addictions, doctors gave out pain medicine whenever patients asked for it. This lead to habitual use, which required hospitalization and necessary drug counseling for the patients. Now, doctors and pharmacies monitor the amount of pain medicine given to patients to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand. Long-term use of prescription pain medicine can lead to liver and kidney damage, as well as a multitude of other health problems.

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