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Alternative medicine includes many different kinds of health care professionals, utilizing their specialty on patients in order to rule out or decrease health problems through the power found in nature, utilizing natural remedies and treatments. This is best performed in a center for holistic medicine. In that respect are different techniques employed that are not utilized by Western or traditional medical specialty where a scientific method of treatment is relied upon. It is the opinion of many people, and the numbers keep increasing, that they are better off seeking natural remedies and treatments rather than utilizing synthetic medicine and harsh treatment processes, including but non limited to invasive surgical operations. Alternative medicine takes an in-depth look at the cause of a specific health issue with a devout belief that illness does not take place without a definitive cause. It is through this belief that not until this underlying cause of disease or illness is removed and the patient deemed healed. Where traditional medicine seems to attack symptoms, alternative medicine attacks the cause of those symptoms.

Treatments and Medicines from Eastern and Western Beliefs

If a patient does not want to be treated strictly according to alternative or natural methods, they do have an option of seeking a center for integrated medicine. These centers are on the increase because the professionals at these facilities believed in both concepts of healing involving Eastern and Western medicines and treatments. They believe that there comes a time when the patient has to rely upon the advancements in Western technologies to answer a healing need for a specific disease or illness. These integrated centers belief in employing a four step healing process for their patients, by first

• Consultation with the resident in regards to their health concerns and beliefs in treatment options
• Start by identifying the problem
• Diagnostic procedures may also help evaluate the problem
• Restoring a normal body process or homeostasis
• Realizing a healing process

Many Branches in Alternative Medicine

Part of the alternative medical practice involves Chinese Herbal Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine is involving Chinese herbs and remedies. Chinese Herbal Remedies is thousands of years old with a record of accomplishment in improving wellness, lifetime expectancy and energy. It is solely through applying these ancient herbs that go forward to establish their effectiveness with fewer side effects when compared with Western medication. Chinese medicine proves to restore normal body balance and function, treat illness and disease processes. While some clinics chose to offer both Eastern and Western health care practices, they do differ greatly. Chinese’s Holistic Medicine treats the entire body, such as the mind, the body and the spirit through initiating the following. Massage therapy, stress reduction, cupping, lifestyle changes, herbal medicine, exercise, balanced diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, acupuncture, and much more.

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