Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Are you looking for an alternative to medical treatments that come with a laundry list full of side effects? Contact Dr. Martin Dayton at the Dayton Medical Center in Miami, Florida. For the past 40 years Dr. Dayton has successfully treated thousands of patients with a wide range of ailments, diseases and injuries using his unique combination of alternative, complementary and conventional medicine. Founded in 1973, the Dayton Medical Center is resource patients have come to rely on for effective natural healing without having to worry about dangerous side-effects.

Are you in pain? Have you tried all manner of conventional treatment yet cannot find relief? Have you been told there is no cure for you condition? Contact the Dayton Medical Center. Dr. Dayton and his caring, experienced staff have been successfully treating so called ‘hopeless cases’ for decades. Using a combination of treatments and therapies that blend ancient holistic healing remedies with effective modern conventional medicine Dr. Dayton has been able to get near miraculous results for his patients. No matter your age, sex or condition you can find help at the Dayton Medical Clinic.

One of the most important keys to successfully treating any ailment, illness or injury is a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately many people end up in pain for years because they have received an incorrect diagnosis of their problem. When this is compounded by ingesting unproven drugs with horrible side-effects it’s not surprising healing does not take place. When you visit Dayton Medical Center you will quickly understand why it has long been recognized as one of the country’s best holistic and integrative medical practices. They take their time and do a thorough examination, study your symptoms and provide proven homeopathic treatment.
At the heart of the healing environment at the Dayton Medical Center is medical director Dr. Martin Dayton.

Dr. Dayton is a board certified, licensed M.D., surgeon and osteopathic physician. This enables him to seamlessly integrate conventional and alternative medicine holistically and help people to heal. It also gives him a more patient-centered, holistic approach to medicine. For the past 40 years that approach has proven useful in helping his patients to heal when conventional medicine alone had failed them.

As an osteopathic physician he understand the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself with the help of homeopathic medicine and the need to deal with a patient’s mind, body and spirit to effect healing. As a medical doctor Dr. Dayton is trained in all the latest conventional medical techniques and treatments. Patients can choose what treatment method they want. Many opt for blending both practices. It has led to thousands of people finding relief from ailments that have forced them to live with pain and discomfort for years. Dr. Dayton treats them primarily as outpatients. However he does maintain hospital privileges where he can treat patients if necessary.

Dr. Dayton is certified by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, has studied electro-acupuncture and clinical nutrition. He also draws on homeopathic healing techniques and treatments from cultures all around the world. He has clinical experience in emergency and intensive care medicine, family and nutritional medicine as well. His professional and certifying board affiliation with the American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine, the American Academy Ozone therapy, the advisory board member of the Life Extension Foundation, and the American Medical Association also add to his unique insight into radical healing modalities.

His training in cell therapy, work as a founding member of the International Organization Integrative Cancer Physicians and the American College of Pain Management and Sclerotherapy and his experience as an educator and researcher on light and radio wave emitting technology has given him access to cutting edge therapies. He has used this to benefit his patients suffering from illness and injuries including allergies, auto-immune diseases, cancer, clogged arteries, COPD, circulatory problems, heart disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s at Dayton Medical Center and HealthQuest Integrative Medicine Center, an independent division of Dayton Medical Center on Miami Beach.

Since its founding in 1973 as Southeast Florida’s first facility where alternative, complementary medicine in one medical clinic Miami has become the destination of choice for many people who had been suffering in silence for years. The clinic’s effective use of homeopathic treatment, herbal therapies and other alternative remedies has brought hope and healing into the lives of people who otherwise may have given up. What has gotten people excited is the natural treatments offered at the Dayton Medical Center have few, if any, side-effects.

Long recognized as one of the U.S.’s leading clinics for holistic and integrative healing treatments. One of the keys to their success is attention to detail. Each patient is unique and the staff takes the time to understand their specific set of circumstances, challenges, strengths and needs before designing a course of treatment. They listen to the patient, perform tests and use the combined information to diagnose them. Dr. Dayton then uses an integrated regimen of natural, conventional and non-conventional medical care to improve their health.

At the Dayton Medical Center they do more than just treat the symptoms of illness. They address the underlying causes whether bodily deficiencies, toxicity, or structural and emotional issues and the underlying imbalances that impair health using herbal therapy, alternative remedies and conventional treatments. They identify and employ the best practices from around the world and use them to benefit their patients.

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