Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Alternative medical treatment refers to the use of alternative methods of treatment rather than the conventional ones. They include some practices, therapies and products in the healthcare that are not backed-up by science. They are mostly categorized into cultural backgrounds and beliefs in which they are based. However, the beliefs on which these treatments are based are not consistent with scientific facts. Some of the alternative medications include medicinal herbs, homeopathy, prayer treatments, chelating therapy, energy treatments, ipt therapy and holistic n mind-body medicine. Research is still being conducted to evaluate the safety and efficiency of this treatments.

Pros of alternative medication

  • Depression Treatment
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Cure Lifestyle Diseases

Alternative medication is very efficient in the treatment of depression. Yoga, laughter medicine, and interpersonal therapies can be used to relieve stress or depression. Besides, these alternative medical treatments help the patients to have a positive and optimistic attitude towards. Alternative medical treatments may lead to a healthy lifestyle. Meditation, yoga, and tai chi may be particularly helpful here. This, in the long run, leads to healthy lifestyles. It is especially helpful for the elderly. This forms of alternative medical treatment invoke movement, body awareness, and breathing. This forms of exercise enhance the spiritual, mental and physical health of individuals.

Another benefit of alternative medicine is treatment, prevention and probability reduction of some lifestyle diseases. Lymphatic drainage and nutritional therapies are some of the alternative medical treatments known to prevent and treat diseases. The benefits of lymphatic drainage include detoxification, skin care, reduction of headaches, relaxation and increased healing speed after surgeries or injuries. Also, some nutritional therapies are used in prevention and reduction of cancer symptoms.


Although alternative medical treatments are not backed up scientifically, their benefits and value cannot be ignored. Particularly, they are very beneficial to patients who do not respond well to conventional medicines. While choosing to use alternative medical treatments, it is very important that you involve your oncologist, dietitian and nutritionist. They will advise you on the pros and cons of different forms of alternative medical treatments. Also, they will pick out the alternative medications that are likely to work best for you. You may also consider taking a balance of both conventional and alternative medications. This will most likely produce the best outcome than using alternative medication alone.

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