Sunday, September 27, 2020

As we grow older, most of us tend to gravitate towards the healthier path. With that in mind, we find ourselves wondering exactly what is healthier. Western medicine or alternative medicine? Alternative medicine, surprisingly, is growing in popularity, due to its efficiency and depth of care. For example, alternative medicine focuses not only on treating the problem naturally, but also preventing disease and illness in the first place. Therapies such as platelet rich plasma PRP, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine have lasting health benefits. Chelation therapy benefits should not be discluded, nor should Myers cocktail side effects. Side effects of natural therapies are generally slim to none. So how can we dive deep into the alternative health life?

The Alternative Health Lifestyle

Using an herbal remedy rather than chemical medicine is much easier on your body, and often, more potent and comes with less side effects. To feel relaxed or to help one sleep, some people drink chamomile tea, or take a chamomile supplement. Some use the combination of honey and lemon to soothe a sore throat, or ginger to ease the aching stomach. Those well-versed in natural herbs and spices also know that turmeric is a super-spice and famous inflammatory. Cranberries have been known to reduce the risk of bladder infection and urinary tract infection. Knowing is half the battle. There is so much benefit to treating yourself naturally in this alternative lifestyle.

3 Major Steps Toward a More Alternative Life (Tip: It Begins in Your Kitchen!):

  • Fresh, green veggies
    Eat fresh in salads or make healthful broths and soups.
  • Seeds
    Opt for sunflower seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds, or even pumpkin seeds. Use them in smoothies. They can go in virtually any dish.
  • Herbs
    Dried or fresh herbs not only add a fantastic flavor, but they also have amazing health benefits.

Other Ways to Live an Alternative Life

Try yogaacupuncture, or even guided meditation. Consider that your headaches could be a sign of another problem, so stop taking pain killers. Drink more water, visit a chiropractor, get acupuncture done, stretch it out with yoga, get regular health screenings with your doctor. There are more ways than one to heal yourself. Living an alternative life means taking everything into consideration and finding balance. Your mind needs to be healthy, your body needs to be healthy, and your soul needs to be healthy. Now is the time to clear your mind and build better habits and relationships. Now is the time to get in shape and eat right. Now is the time to connect with your spirituality!

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