Sunday, September 27, 2020

Lymphatic Drainage massage therapy is the tender squeezing of the body or applying of a gentle stroke to eliminate toxin substances through improving the level of lymphatic flow. If lymph does not flow adequately, your immune system might end up imbalanced because it is responsible for transportation of the antibodies and white blood cells to appropriate sites for fighting infections. The fact that warmth is a significant factor for efficient lymphatic flow makes this massage to take place in a warm room while on a massage table.
The massage concentrates mostly on armpits, groin and the neck since these are the places where major lymphatic nodes are. Thirst and extreme tiredness are common after the exercise but when you take enough water and relax afterwards everything gets back to normalcy. Below are a few benefits of lymphatic drainage massage.

Speeding up healing after surgery

There is a tendency of wounds swelling and even developing toxin substances after surgery. This massage lymphatic drainage reduces the surgical scarring at the incision sites by helping the body form new tissues and cells. On regeneration of the new tissue coverage, any possible swelling and toxin formation becomes. However, this massage is not beneficial immediately after surgery and can cause damage. The patient should wait for a doctor’s clearance for the lymphatic drainage massage, which is mostly after 6 weeks from the date of surgery.

Below are some of the ways that toxins get into the body:

  • Excess alcohol intake
  • Pollution in your area of residence
  • Eating foods with fatty acids
  • Intake of too much sugary foods

Improving the immune system

The lymphatic flow and immune systems function together and if lymphatic fluid flow reduces then the immune system is at risk and death can emerge any time if precaution is not taken to improve the lymphatic flow rate. Lymph drainage massage improves the rate of lymph flow, which in turn produces sufficient antibodies thus increasing immune system performance. Some diseases like arthritis only require this massage to reduce the inflammation then they are history.

Maximum relaxation

The fact that massages are not fights and they are calm is a guarantee that they are extremely relaxing and Lymphatic drainage massage is no exception either. Those who perform this massage are professionals with experience and they know how to make the exercise reduce pain in the body. The rhythm and motions make you feel like you are in another world.

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