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There are at least five acupuncture centers in the Miami Beach, Florida area. Acupuncture is only one of many procedures included in an array of alternative therapies with proven record of accomplishment in helping to decrease human suffering from a number of physical conditions. Acupuncture is over 2,500 years old and is still widely accepted across the world. Acupuncture eliminates or decreases nausea, vomiting and a number of other conditions. Studying ancient Chinese meditation one learns that when the body is out of balance disease and illnesses soon set in, due to the natural pathways or meridians where energy travels within the body becomes disrupted. Acupuncture frees up these occluded pathways, thus allowing the flow of increased energy.

Numerous Holistic Practices Help People Regain Health and Wellness

Just a few of the following Holistic practices have found to be helpful to people, three of these stand out as becoming increasingly popular.

• Cupping Therapy
• Gerovital Therapy
• Hydrogen Peroxide Intervenous Therapy
• Acupuncture
• Herbal and Holistic Medicines

The practitioner does the procedure known as Cupping Therapy and uses glass or plastic cups to create pressure on the area of the body responsible for pain and sickness. This practice is localized when the cups create a vacuum on the skin. Because the cups form localized pressure, blood forms in that area, increasing healing, because oxygen is increased. Because the back contains five meridians, cupping is performed on the back. This procedure causes more blood and oxygen to flow through natural meridians or pathways. During the cupping procedure, these harmful toxins release and exit the body in the urine or feces, from the lymphatic system. Cupping Therapy Miami is seeing proven results in regaining health and wellness.

One Alternative Procedure Turns Back Time

Gerovital Injection, known as GH3 is the use of procaine hydrochloride and known in the beginning as an efficacious anti-aging treatment with many sworn testaments of looking and feeling younger by the many patients who felt this amazing process. GH3 has made believers out of patients and alternative practitioners just viewing and experiencing the results that this alternative therapy has on the inside and outside of the body. This procedure introduces an increased amount of oxygen into the body, thus turning back the ravages of aging. Additionally, GH3 has shown to enhance joint mobility, improve arterial health, increase mental acuity and enhance the skin to a younger looking appearance.

Alternative Medicine Cannot Be that Simple

Many of our Eastern medicines and treatments shows controversy, maybe because a form of medication and treatment proves to be too simple to eliminate many of the illnesses seen today. This process is very popular because it is cheap and very available to the public. Additionally, this procedure is powerful with proven results. Practitioners recognize that all H2O2 is, is water with one extra oxygen molecule attached. Hydrogen Peroxide Intravenous Therapy targets bacteria in the body, eliminates viruses and damaging toxins. Conversely comes because of the reaction it can have on the body, such as increasing free radicals. Proper concentrations are required when administering H2O2. Nothing but the best food grade hydrogen peroxide is used in distilled water to dilute the H2O2 solution. Too much a good thing can be deadly, so caution must be used when mixing the correct solution.

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